Timewave Hyperconsciousness Boomerang

Events earlier can influence the later. This is reversed from normal causal flow in that they occur inversely. This is like pouring a rope out of a cup that flips over in the air and edge first to fall is then the last to touch down.

This is also similar to wave dynamics in that the light changes wavelength through refraction which redirects the propagation of energy. The process through which this occurs results in a reflection of the angle which produces a symmetrical but altered continuation.

Your mind processes information that accumulates into folds of time that are like collective anchors or axis through which timespace can organize consciousness into units that can cohesively arrange and synchronize one view across multiple times and places simultaneously.

This simultaneous synchronization across a large accumulated perspective of reality as a simultitude of concurrent, cohesive awareness is Humanity gaining access to a hyperdimensional field of information that occurs perpendicularly to the plane of consciousness.

Time is malleable in that place, to the degree which the experiencer can maintain a stable cohesive view between possibilities and parallels. One’s continuity in the physical is an abstraction from that view in the same way the occurrence of ‘dream time’ is from here.

In reality, consciousness is a hyperdimensional boomerang of experience that is partially modulated through a technological hyperbolic virtual projection of possibilities. The issue is that the hyperbolic projection is overclocked for some and this resulted in a lag for others.

The superconsciousness lightwave boomerangs around the collective virtual hyperdimension, generating greater self interaction until an exponential feedback overpowers attenuation, reaching an inverse noise to signal clarity generating a translational superconducting access of all possible views into one, simultaneously.