Rotoscoping Reality

Two realities so similar they can’t be consciously separated, create within the mind a parallel world view that constantly shifts back and forth between the possibilities.

Part of this effect is the inability to definitively acknowledge that which does not fit and why one’s perception does not align with previous expectation of reality.

This was largely used to disable and bring to submission the minds of people who expect the truth and are instead given something resembling the truth but is not. The ‘truth’ of reality that we see, and the reality that we are to expect to see is distanced by the depth of the individuals’ insight into the possibilities that are not yet but could be. This is the nature of the mind.

The mind continually changes its expectation of reality as reality occurs while overlooking the sometimes extreme variations that are produced by a dissimilarity between the internal model that we create and the outside world that we experience.

When this distance between the internal model and experiential reality is so great that we question which is the true map, the brain attempts to fill the fractal gap between causal and potential universes. An altered state of perception is produced as a precipitate of the catalyzing effect uncertainty and perceptual misdirection has on the mind.

The result is a momentary transcendence of the boundaries of living reality and internal manipulation of the internal model. The two become temporarily displaced and in a continuum of surrealism with one another. Reality plays a game of musical chairs with in the mind as the reflection seemingly exchanges perspective with the seer.

This is inherent to the conscious mind and reality as we know it, or more appropriately, as we do not know.