Healing Aug Update PT Day 5


Thank you Ashlie https://twitter.com/AshlieMC2

And thank you those who have supported my healing process and made a commitment to giving me a path to walk.

Thank you to those who supported this process. I have completed almost two weeks of therapy and have seen much improvement. Building up my muscles out of balance with the joint capacity resulted in shifting the form forward and requires retraining and joint strengthening.

I have about a month and a week scheduled at about $1800. I plan to go for around 2 months of therapy and if this can be applied to sports massages and a couple of months of some amount of the 7 to 15 different supplements I take regularly for joint, muscle and other issues, this changes everything.

If Ashlie had not noticed me in pain and done this, I would be overlooking the issue and preparing for another, final, slow decline. I cannot repair this injury any other way and already rebuilt it once.

Thank you to Ashlie and thank you to those who have continue to support me through rough times regarding my work and the stress involved with this information.

When I first began to bring my work to the people, in 2016, the message is ‘the war is over’ and that ‘good people are in the position to make a better future’.

Thank you so much for caring and choosing to remain centered in these times. What’s important is that we remember that this is all secondary to what’s really happening within your mind and body that no one can see or feel but you and how you communicate and feedback your own knowledge to heal or to allow others to deplete you.

Please do not be stressed by the work and the difficulty that is a part of sharing with others. People do not know and they have a right to be able to question what they are facing and who could be attempting to work free will out of the equation.

Self thought and the inspiration that motivates us to communicate and share our inner most feelings with one another is a golden pathway, a bridge that can carry us from our deepest place of despair and break through the dullness that surrounds forgetfulness of our true nature.

Humanity is more powerful and part of something larger than just what people are told but the truth is always the most challenging aspect of reality.

Part of seeing through the ways of deception is choosing to no longer react accordingly with a role that is submissive to mental and emotional manipulation through insults, ridicule and those who would mock others for choosing to avoid a path of strife.

It would seem the manipulation ‘drama’ is designed to draw out the tiniest bit of reactivity to any psyche and exploit that until they are ‘pulled in’ to the fray. I choose to avoid that, I was not involved before and will not be now.

Thank you.