The Truth Knows

What if “God” is the truth and the truth is hated by most. What if in being “God” the truth doesn’t have to love or continue to consider those who hate the truth. Yet, what if, in knowing all, the truth also opens a pathway for every single soul to know themselves in the light?

What if “God” then is the all knowing truth that is also matched with the all feeling compassion that can’t thereby lock out or forget any angle of reason that each soul undergoes. This doesn’t mean that a soul couldn’t write itself out of reality. What if “God” is the highest amount of Truth that can exist, together with the highest depth of care that can exist to pave a pathway to bring every soul into adjustment with Truth and therefore true reality? Wouldn’t that be the most powerful thing for us, to have a way to knowing the truth, without it destroying us forever?

What if “God” is here now?

Think about it.

Thank you for the messages of compassion and care. Many people need that care, those messages of compassion and they cannot receive it because their hearts are hardened with what they’ve been through. Their minds are burdened from what they know.