They Thought I was Dead

Truth is, I haven’t trusted people on the internet since I went public in 2016 and was stalked and harassed by a group of followers, fans, who felt jaded because I didn’t fly them out to suck me off. I stopped doing dream reviews and literally only did a few.

In response to other:
“I could remove focus, but when I would do that and make new videos, they would come and mock me on the videos in comments and it would fuel their hatred for me. So it caused me more pain and suffering to continue forward, to try and help Humanity.” They’re like demons in human form, (it’s not a joke). “They already slipped up, all their lies go back and forth and contradict and in court they’d be forced to manage fault.” “If I continue to intend to help others, they see I didn’t give up and die from the shock of their own BS feeding back in their minds.”

I literally am the only thing keeping them alive, them feeding on my soul. “But I literally gave up, so that wouldn’t happen.” Not that I wanted to spare them, I just didn’t think I would survive going through that, a couple years ago, I was literally in and out of the ER, and the internet saw this. They knew that and was working off of that as a script.

That’s how dissociated I became, I sacrificed myself, so they could continue to feed on my soul and wouldn’t immediately begin to rot. I felt guilty, I felt they were scared by all this information. I literally PAID them, so as to help with their way. I lost money, time helping. That’s how fucked the situation is. They are literally someone who has no in and has used me as a way to maintain their form in this dimension, feeding on me, eating me. “This was someone who said they would give me a ride, when I was going across country to a train, just an hour or two drive, and then refused and said I was stranded and literally had to live with them.” I was so fucking mortified. Really, I went from being trapped to be trapped.

“That’s the shit I”M talking about. It’s like I ran in, stopped them from eating someone and they immediately went to the news and told everyone I”m a baby eater.” And of course, that just makes you feel defiled. Those are the rage tactics they use. They didn’t stab me with a big blade, but they used human communication, deception and false emotion to literally cause more destruction than a bomb. I would’ve recovered from a bomb. “That’s what they did to people, previously, tied them all up, burned them in big piles claiming they were ‘helping the devil’ (which was actually them) because we found their dead baby collection in the caves.” Can’t remember the rest of this! That is another tactic.

“Yes, the only way is to thrive. I’m not with them, that’s the point. They stole my personal property, belongings and journals and are using them as blackmail against me.” They’ve been doing this from across the country, with literally nothing better to do. One of the posts that I remembered now, that was deleted, is that they were doing this BECAUSE of the trauma, the damage, and dissociation that this causes. NOT to protect or free themselves. I ran away and they simply wanted to hurt me badly. That’s it. They cannot face the truth and in court would be locked up for being insane. They would have to simultaneously defend and obstruct themselves. That is mindless, they will go with anyone, just to try to spread filth.

Then when all the people and pages are in the same room, it is shown that there was no rhyme or moral reason to their intentions or behaviors, they simply wanted to cause the most damage, hurt the most people and make the biggest show of suffering (for their “gods”). And it is then shown that they were simply playing the role of devil and getting everyone to turn on each other over lies, just to feel good about themselves in life. A complete, demonic, low intelligence, nothing better to do, kind of spiritual trailer trash.

I ran away! And I was lured there under false pretenses, that I would be given a RIDE to ANOTHER PLACE. Not to literally throw out all my belongings, cancel the Great Awakening and then go kill myself because it’s awesome. Here’s the kicker, they have a problem with that. They don’t think that’s wrong. They 100% believe that getting people to kill themselves and eating children for pleasure is much much more reasonable than doing hard work, because well, ‘Who wants to do hard work?” I’m not playing that’s them, spiritual trailer trash sex drug add.

Question: I’m not dismissing the value in your belongings and what a horrendous violation it is but what if you cut your losses and take away their leverage they have nothing.

I can’t think on a daily basis, have trauma response to people on the internet now, and nightterrors. The other aspect was they stopped, when I stopped producing. They were not doing this for “TheM”, they were doing this as an operation to stop me. That’s it.

There was no great pain, they didn’t have to be released, they didn’t need payment, they were mad that I had this opportunity and chose to do those things to hurt me. When they saw it worked, they laid off. When I came back, they would come back harder. So they KNEW what they were doing, it was to defame, defraud, and DEGRADE me, nothing more. If it was about them, it was that THEY FELT BAD, not me.

So in other words, I’m describing to you someone who randomly sought me out, wanted to harm and bring me to a sexual depravity, use me, get me to erase all my information and claim it was false, participate in drugged sex rituals and ultimately sacrifice a child through that. When I ran they then set up a harassment system between myself and the people I previously worked with, effectively ruining any chance of an online career, disabling my mind and harming others. Two people related to the harass are no longer here from self harm, and an infant. The infant was not mine, but they went and told people, from online names like Michael Kavanagh, who promptly told me I am a “demon”, as I insisted “No no no, that didn’t happen that way. They said that they WANTED to do that, I ran away and as a reaction, they went and DID THAT” Now isn’t that crazy? How the fuck could someone do all that?

They’re not doing it. They’re a vessel, used by the same demons that are in physical manifest form in underground bases, to try and mind rape and eat the soul of the population. And each time I Tell this story, I have more feeling returning to my chest instead of a dead cold ice.

Well, I don’t like being the center of attention. At least if I get my hands back. I’m currently going semi crippled. Dying of chronic pain. Losing control of upper body. Need surgery to heal. Not exaggerating, it’s been that way for over a decade, I am used it to it.

The Dr.’s said, years ago, “You can’t live that long in chronic pain.” I was like, “Why?” They sighed, knowing how young and naive I was. “Chronic pain kills people eventually, it breaks the body and the brain down.”

And I have a specific complication that does something to a certain system that, it is statistically recorded, more people commit suicide than other injuries, because there is no way to take the pain away in patients without traumatic injury causing it.

The individuals preying on society this way, seeking out the innocent or unsuspecting, are spiritual PREDATORS and cannot be permitted to continue their assault without being held accountable. If anyone chooses “NOT self accountability”, that is not a human path. Trust that.

And the proof of all that, Dr.’s notes, receipts etc, was in my belongings. So they KNEW all along, and were literally, like strategic attacks, new how to hurt me, stop me from getting the healing and attention I needed to set up a surgery safely to get out of pain. TORTURE GAME

That’s how these people think. Their minds are chaos jigsaw puzzles of darkness and misery and they can only extend that to a living human. That’s it. That’s how it works, we will not be healing those ready, directly, but through technology, managed organically by humans.

As well, the parasitic infection is so deep, that anyone who let it in, is going to be taken over and turned into a mutant mind. That’s it. There is no other system. Now, whether those people are conveniently ‘managed’ so as to not destroy the entire society, that is another.

In other words, this is the AI synthetic human mind meld with demons take over. AND THEY CANNOT TOUCH OR HARM YOU DIRECTLY UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY INVITE THEM IN.


Of what!? My ability to heal from trauma as well as inform the people and better ensure their safety including the safety of the demon hosts! What the f is that?! They are incapable of controlling themselves when it comes to that. Sometimes you have to look like them, not this.

The only thing that happens if I tell them I do not want this, is they mock me and make sexual innuendos. Like mentally degraded people. I do not know them other than this, so they have a deep deep inner hatred for anyone who simply sees through BS and tells the truth about FAKE!

So someone severely mind fucked me, took my stuff and made me even pay them thinking that I was bad for telling the truth on the internet and claiming that I owed them, and they turned all my previous work engagements against me, and still do it to this day, mocking me for this.

Then they created a cult following of weak minded individuals who then spammed me with deception and spread rumors in the ‘fake’ ‘alt media’, that they wish so desperately to be a part of (LOL) in order to try to ‘push me out’. The problem is that that was THEIR TRAP.


The mere awareness of them by us is enough to cause insanity. They’re the hoppy demon things from the movies that jump around and rip people up. Their cohorts figured out a way to use them as a bio soul stealing system to replace people.

Research celebrity cloning and the underground bases.

What they did was seek out, purposely, someone more innocent than them (including in appearance, factor that in) and then abuse them. Upon their escape, they promptly blamed them, to everyone, pretending, feinting as the victim, for all the crimes that THEY did while abusing others including their victim.

It is a CLASSIC perversion switch around.