Folding Space

It’s like this. Throughout time, we were made to worship our abusers. The people ‘in charge’, since the beginning, and everyone knew this at the time, were just the biggest, most violent drug, sex, and criminal syndicates in the area. If they were challenged, it was by another – syndicate. There was no one else.

Before that, there was a difference in the energy here and every so often a giant bad guy would come take all the other bad guys away and a giant good guy would then destroy that one. It was a cycle. People were ‘sold’ the lie that – if we somehow shut that system off, we’d be safer. No more cosmic break ins, no more fear, etc. Our brains were limited from those planes, so as a result, no more multdimensional universe, also meaning their actions couldn’t ‘level up’ and bring about the next biological phase – of whatever ‘entity’ they were collectively becoming. No more giant battles involving intense multidimensional activity, just continuous rape and pillaging. Why? The people who were in charge, selling us this false sense of security, WERE the bad guys.

They knew what would happen and used this as a means to ‘predict’ the future, by controlling people’s perception of it, controlling communication (death if you spoke the truth), and recreating the faculties of consciousness and intellect through that. People became ‘civilized’, IE: domesticated, they lost their way and didn’t know how to think themselves back into self guided power. Some did, but they were ostracized by those with more fear than courage and more delusion than sanity. Those people would attack the honest! As this happened, the people in power advanced very quickly. The entire course of history? Yea, it’s 9 times faster and longer than you were lead to believe.

While the first phase, or ‘fold’, was figuring out oil lanterns publicly? They were working on worldwide comms, not joke. When we had automobiles that ran on dirty fuel, that had indefinite fuel mixtures and high efficiency engines. Not playing, this was all shown to us as children in the bases so we could understand what had happened to this place. It got worse, as we got to the point where the amount of information and technological transfer could overload the mind, maybe slightly, they were dealing with information transfer levels that would kill a human mind on contact.

This was problematic, and resulted in two races. There can only be ONE, human race. By splitting the race, you didn’t make TWO human races. You ended up with ONE human race and then MUTANT divergent races. You can’t have both. Either the human race is smart and balanced emotionally two, or one is stupid sane, one smart crazy. The smart crazy people figured they were just the better half because of their ‘self guided’ perfection. Eventually, because everyone sat around expecting to NOT BE PUNISHED BY THE RESULTS OF THEIR COMPLACENCY, while people were doing this, we became a slave race ruled by sick. This place isn’t insane. A bunch of people are just sitting around watching a bunch of insane people try to destroy everything ‘to make it better’.

They don’t understand that higher beings fix the world each time they blow it up and each time, they have to make up for that. Technology was designed to hold together the distant stretches of times in the same plane so that a total collapse would not be the only outcome. Consciousness would unravel and split off into fragments if that happened, maiming us forever. Again, as a result of our sitting around and not demanding equal access and permitting the next guy who requested that to be literally thrown off a cliff (every single time someone asked), they developed time tech next. Once that tech was developed people were manipulating societies from different times, ruling by proxy from different forms and technologies. The system designed to shut off “God” by quarantining us against the ‘outer limits’ shut off our souls ability to grow and learn.

What was the challenge of large amounts of energy entering in as change and bringing about new challenges and even new foes, was all replaced by a cult that eats our children and laughs in our faces mocking us. The resulting split was a species that is so far ahead of the primary archive of the people, yet with so little emotional intelligence, is that they became the new monsters that come in to challenge the realm. Yet the big good guys were still being kept out.

Long to short, they knew those good guys would appear and that they would have “powers” just like they had formed, mutating their body and mind to know and be capable, but not able to heal. They began operations to scour the people for those new threats and that was done. This took thousands of years and they are already in a place that is moving forward with full steam, towards world domination and mandatory sacrifice laws (to ensure the big good guys don’t get footing, if they die as soon as they’re born, they can’t really see what’s happening). None of that plan works. Regardless, we’re in the age now where all of this CAN be understood by the people, yet the people have been EMOTIONALLY and INTELLECTUALLY abused, programmed and denied so that they mostly don’t want to know. You’re seeing now the reversal of that.

People will have to “FIGHT” using their MINDS and HEARTS, that’s the battle. If we INTEND the same thing that has held us back, cowardice and bickering, then they will find themselves in a repeat of the previous situation with the same people using that tech. What they didn’t realize is that that future is capable of seeing backwards, and that they had created a ripple. Instead of organically forming their incursion, they violated principles that maintain the stability of time and consciousness and this is what results in mutation.

So when they get where they’re going, they are monsters in a human society. Not, human rulers ruling over a bunch of human dumbasses that they get to sexually abuse and use for longevity. Completely the opposite of what they expected. Yet they didn’t care, because they had ruined that aspect of their brain, like a lower mind, no turning back. They couldn’t stop, they were hardwired to pleasure pain, fear and lust, rather than human principles of self awareness. They became giant, cannibal, mindless zombies. Those societies were dealing with a continuous invasion of these people which resulted in aspects of that world breaking off into a kind of meltdown and resulting in mutation and chaos. Each society like a fractal flower merry go around was getting hit with mutations and it was spreading.

This was the eventual return, the side effects of abusing time tech and abusing genetic properties of others through biological absorption of the mind body, literally the soul. That may help describe what’s happening now. We have to fight, but if we become hateful in the same way, if we become motivated by wrongful passion, lust, greed, in the same way, we BECOME THEM. So you’re seeing now, those who are filled with those dark desires being propped up so as to become the next greatest evil monster in the higher reality and maim and pillage humans, literally like the movies. This happened BECAUSE of shutting off the rest of reality, hiding from “God” so they could have their fun. All of that spiritual change would build up in giant waves and crash over the perceptual barriers of the minds of the people. Again, this goes so far it’s difficult to put all in one place.

The very high end BEFORE any manipulation, would theoretically have us living for a very long time, as each life would be layered up with spiritual challenges, depending on where and how we guided our energy and mind And there were entities, changes, events, even turmoil and challenges that were FAR beyond the comprehension of a slight pressure that we get, continuously, from people who want to eat us.

This system COULD be better. Instead of having tidal waves of change, we can manage ourself But we have to know how this works, at least more so than previously, and the people who then control all disasters can’t take all the spiritual power that results from those heros, wipe their mind, drink their blood and then recreate them an insert them back into the population, THAT DOES NOT WORK (in the end). It doesn’t work at all, because doing that for the purpose of greed and selfishness always results in mutations. It will NOT be permitted by our larger mind that controls what happens. It would DESTROY the balance, FOREVER. Meaning, we would never be able to ‘wake up’ out of the continuous cycling of traumas and challenges and this would result in a de advancement to the level of the animal. To continue, the system we had previously was more organic, things kind of just happened as everyone’s energy just went in different directions. But that means someone’s nightmare could manifest into a literal monster or ‘monstrous event of a challenging spiritual nature.

This could potentially traumatize an entire town at once. Still, some say this was feedback from other systems that were being plagued by these illegitimate rulers who literally went and took out all those who were chosen to lead and do so safely and with wisdom. They knew nothing of the system they were manipulating and just doing it for pleasure and fun which means they can never manage what was to come, it would just bull doze right through them and that’s what happened.

Beyond belief, non human races attempting to take over. Again, if we lived for a long time, had multiple series of spiritual challenges, like journeys or experiences, just like a cartoon or something, that was the difference in the make up of our collective psyche and thus the organization of events in this reality. To try and see how deep this goes, we might not have had the same need for sleeping and eating that we do now. It might have been more of an ‘auxiliary’ energy input and information access, rather than what it is. More accurately, dreams might have been access to another, semi solid world, that was built upon collectively and resulted in an expansion of the plane.

Sleeping might have been for that purpose, while the energy systems healed and rejuvenated automatically. The energy coming in made this possible, but without self control or emotional intelligence, if someone treated their emotions like a snowball rolling down hill, boom, a giant monstrous event complete with some kind of predator could be attracted and ‘brought in’. Society functioned as a spiritual lensing system to control the way the realm turned, literally like a steering system for a giant timeship that everyone had a portion of the controls to. Normally, those with the highest degree of self control, boom, could control anyone’s wayward will and imagination, because they simply wouldn’t be afraid, because they had seen much worse, controlled, in their own mind and dreams and thus reality journey. Those people were obviously the ones who spoke up against those who wanted to rule over people by turning their dreams against them, and obviously were killed off. Thus, we were like a giant ship, in an even bigger sea, with no keel and no mast. Pretty much waiting to sink.

They knew this and decided to make up for their bad deeds by throwing themselves the biggest blow out party ever, to destroy the entire species. Of course, that just made their nightmares worse because you see, none of this is controllable by magical ‘science’. Those who attempted to use ‘magical science’ to stop their nightmares, went so far fucking insane, if you hook them up to one of the new found machines that pulls the insides outside, you get some kind of viscous spiritually inert goo funk that basically tries to eat the life force of anything biological and infect anything technological.

That was what they created inadvertently, all their hiding created a bad ass monster that they couldn’t run away from. That explains more how we got to this place and what was here before. Each energy ‘octave’ level, up high in transfer ratio or very low and limited, blocked off like a quarantine, each ‘frequency fold’ is it’s own self contained consciousness system, or reality. If we move up, we gain 9 x’s the amount of information and energy transfer. Dreams could tell lifetimes again, equating to new worlds, real and interactive. Healing could take place with concentrated focus or a balanced energy area with what used to be crystals but can be tech. Holographic healing of the secret space program has exited for a very long time and held back from others.

WW2 performed an experiment which created a flood of information, probably to people who did not know how to handle it. Many more things happened, life regeneration, mind to machine, electrogravitic, remote viewing, and basically everything you’ve EVER heard about, and that was the last phase. So now, there is almost no comparison. We either make it beyond this childish he said she said bullshit or we die to the true reality. There will be a group of humans there, to survive, but we have to get there for them to stabilize. Mutants are abound, because simply put, we bowed to them and allowed them to eat from our own, like parasites, this entire time. The battle is truly just beginning, but also over.