Some people are on the internet pretending they are new age gurus when they participate in sex magic, ritual abuse, cult behavior and child sacrifice. They are so so disgusting that their only way of controlling others is by abusing their honesty and then acting in ways that defile the truth so much it causes a debilitating anger, a rage that defeats and corrodes their victims. That is the art of black magic, cult ritual abuse to control and weaken those who are a threat to their disguise. They have never been honest about their intentions, partially because they are unaware on the level of feeling that humans can detect, and have always sought out those who tell the truth with a vengeance from the dark that overwhelms the unsuspecting and the naive. They specifically abuse those with compassion because it is easier to get away and they know it will be some time before they strike back. Unfortunately for them, when those kinder souls do strike back, that is all that is needed.