The Metaphoric Continuum

The concept of the beast is the desire that rises unexpectedly from the unconscious to ‘battle’ with consciousness by way of offering the choice of low self awareness with heightened desires or developing high self awareness through control of one’s feelings, thoughts, & actions.

If the battle with the beast is lost, the beast ‘drags’ consciousness down into low self awareness through low self control via emotional arousal and continuous reactivation of corresponding nervous and hormonal systems together functioning as circuit of repeating consciousness.

If this is repeated and one’s ‘life’ is a series of battles lost to desire, this results in the automation of motivation through a pleasure or pain based limitation of intellect. The more the free will soul is permitted to be ‘devoured’ through the corruption of the conscious self, the deeper the conscious self is pulled by the beast, the harder it is to reach the surface of clarity above the heavy burden of emotional connection to the fruitless illusion.