Corrupt, Toxic Personalities (Bad Seeds)

If you cry out and call victim for those who want to see you suffer, you give them power, you justify their tactics and you give them their ultimate goal which is to gain attention from others for something they didn’t do, by detracting from more important work. Those who practice that art of ‘calling out’, when it’s literally over opinions and preferences, not facts or reality, are exercising an ability to gain attention while sidestepping the process of actually being the target of the attention.

Their goal is to become famous, to gain attention as the (secretly) best criminals in the network. They came from a very low place, beneath the work of what would be required normally, to gain attention in that field. Those who participate in that do so because they cannot make a name for themselves any other way. Such an act is hostile, damaging to others, yet the shame of this is accepted for the benefit of getting what they want. Raw energy from manipulating others into their scheme. People who do that, use those schemes as traps. They use them as traps for people who want the truth and do not want to be victimized. They are also traps for everyone who is emotionally manipulated and deceived with false presentation of opinions and disinformation as facts. The facts do not lie, find the facts.

The only thing these ‘people’ can do is avoid from reverting to their natural diet of eating fecal matter, by jumping on the pant legs of someone else they deem ‘higher’ or ‘faster’. They hitch a ride through this and weigh down their ‘host’. This process is all informational as they are attaching their message and their corrupted essence into what would otherwise be a pristine view of the world, a group, a body of knowledge or individuals they deem threatening and are inevitably envious of.

Mental liberation is a gift, and the goal of those schemers is to make it harder to reach, harder to see and focus on, getting in the way and tying up emotions into useless entanglements that are wild wastes of effort to provide assistance or clarity. Those who abuse the trust of the public, or others, KNOW this, and the future proves this when it is revealed that they SELECTIVELY criticize only when it feeds their desire for more attention, for controllable chaos, or the illusion of false superiority through false power.

Their arguments fall apart, and it is proven that they are in the possession of brains that are incapable of proving themselves, effectively utilizing logic to verify the truth, and the concept of respecting the truth. These components are what make a mind sound. The fleas tag along the heels of those they see walking with self guided power and motivation into the future and across the barren planes of information and time where they surely are incapable of crossing under their own steam. They slow down their host as they bask in the sun light, reinventing themselves as the hero of their own spy drama where parasitic and half witted intentions and methods are the norm and getting lucky by fooling some gullible ‘sound minder’ is the highlight of a dim survival. This is done because they do not have any other option.

That is how one who doesn’t have what it takes to handle the truth, pretends they do and subsists on the interactive feedback of bio emission energy from those they manipulate which sources from the connection of their host. Any other time, they are in the dark, and then their attention comes in the form of their exposure and the flood of criticism from seeing how they truly are, when they are not pretending they are above others, but acting honestly and present.

Toxic personalities are a parasitic intelligence. If one enables them to continue their bad actions, that is a detriment to all times and planes where their mind extends to entrap more of Humanity through the sociopathic projection of a delusional, morally corrupt reality.