Catching up to Fall Back

The future of Humanity is based on collective memory.

Those attempting to spread rumors and deception are attempting to literally blank out and erase those who chose to protect Humanity. It’s an occult process designed to function with long term brainwashing and media control. When it’s all said and done, it’s stolen high access security infiltration, exposure and exploitation of Human spiritual communication and interdimensional transportation systems.

This was gifted to the Christ bloodline which was assaulted for thousands of years, forced to salve. After this, the routine was supposed to ‘advance’, no more bs slavery, everyone went along with the so called ‘elite’ just to give them their chance. Art the end, they tried to kill everyone and absorb their soul energy (like a collapsing star) for their atech breakawaycolonies. Research the secret space program and child slavery. There were rogue fleets that literally took control of life and death and one could not ‘die’ to escape this, the soul would migrate back into their systems through a tether or containment device using scalar control systems. Everything is based on signals.

Without indicating your humanity, everyone blends in as a kind of massive internet hub of information. It’s almost the same as the internet. The process of reshaping society was to literally cloak and encrypt the soul data with ‘disinfo’. This functioned as a literal firewall and cloaking system whereby the human society was hidden, disguised as animal, and no one outside the ‘occult’ could go up and see anything other than confusion or debauchery. It just looked like a hell realm and entire bloodlines were inside.

The underground base events help you to understand. Lines of genetic material are kept and stored to repopulate the ‘planet’, yet there is no real ‘planet’. Each society fits into a ‘plane’ of consciousness. Each plane is created out of information. The information describing the solid surface that we ‘live within’, literally changes and becomes different layers of information and application at different distances from the ‘core’ of the information system to the ‘outer limits’. This means the information that makes up the ‘green Earth’, here, could become something else in the levels above or below. This functions literally like a massive online multiplayer game whereby the players are all lined up in a series of channels or rooms.

The rooms are hosted on a ‘server’ and that server system is the entirety of the processing of Earth’s vital information. Somewhere in there, in the entire spread, are each human society arranged in a way that one would have to fine tune into each layer to bring them into view. Some layers are encrypted and this is through a natural energy resistance level. Those without the required completion would literally have to absorb the soul energy of someone like children, in order to power their consciousness to reach the level of those encrypted planes. Time stops or nearly stops on those levels, by comparison to here, so they spent up the extra refined encrypted, time channel, doing the kinds of stuff that is described in a hell realm. . If that happens, it drains the consciousness, ‘soul battery’, of Earth and it takes thousands of years to recharge.

If some people were supposed to be there, their trip was delayed and they were threatened with falling down to the ground floor, and having to start over. That is what people call ‘death’, and every living soul in the universe was threatened with this, for being exposed to those who would participate in such a plan. Let alone using child souldiers for ID operation, they attempted to literally steal a planet and rape it to death. Because that restricts the amount of pleasure one can have, technology was used to reset the clock and replay the game over and over.

This drained other bloodlines. They then wanted answers. Entire societies had to be created to condition people to be able to handle the knowledge of what was done. The idea here is that Humans have a choice. It removed or threatened one’s humanity to even see the knowledge of what was done. What became the ‘norm’ for pleasure and interaction. Akin to being horrified seeing dung beetles make their houses out of cow poop. Only way worse