Enveloping Frequencies

The local field environment determines the placement within the holographic overarching structure of the multiverse. Your reality is a local construct with that multiverse. Your placement within the overall construct that all realities exist within, is dependent on the local field environment that you are participating in.

If the membrane that surrounds the majority of Humanity is operating at a coherence frequency of such a level that it exists ‘above’ the collective variability of the individuals within that social experience (plane), then that entire reality bisects within the larger system and is separated by that membrane into the plane below it. Each reality is conjoined with another, however, there are some that are artificially segregated through powerful magnetic field manipulation and these are like spaciotemporal segments capable of complete control and suspended isolation (deep dreams).

In realier times

it was discovered that by emitting certain frequencies in succession and rhythmic projection a frequency field envelopment (membrane) could be generated that would displace the overall frequency negation of the ‘dark forces’.

Thus, what was an inside out realm would become instantly projected inside out as the membrane that surrounded the area no longer matched the frequency variation and context of a ‘lower dimensional construct’ but matched the equivalency of a higher society and thus, everyone inside the membrane would quickly find themselves floating upwards inside of a realm transport system that maintains the equilibrium of consciousness, space and time.

They would find themselves lone travellers, far, far away, from their home base, where they pillaged and raped, and now to careless to stand, inside of a realm where the rules always still applied.

These are not rules made by man, but the natural act of balancing and equalizing the universe that takes place without inhibition.