Extraction Matrix

“We had to extract the individuals’ consciousness from the system without destroying their minds.

The best operators in the world were called upon. They had to be able to maneuver inside their mind and essentially ‘defeat’ the subconscious tendency to reject new information or to be overwhelmed by reality altering changes.

These individuals’ had to be woken up inside of a multi millennia simulated reality time matrix and brought back through an algorithmic process of reincorporating each region of their brain, back into a synchronized functionality that enabled waking consciousness in the physical body and time.

Fear was the basis. You felt what the target felt. If you were there to pull someone out who had a particular tendency to become overwhelmed with the concept that they were being chased by some bad actors from so and so situation, then the local environment would play out that fantasy. The situation would turn into a hell realm fairly quickly depending on the target’s mind.

That is why various levels of operation were required. Those with war experience, those with experience is healing mental emotional meltdowns, psychosis, amnesia, phobias and that kind of thing. There were those who had to be able to monitor the systems that are designed to synchronize and enable multi level communication between brains. Everything had to be handled from the highest possible expectation to the worst possible outcome.

These were real minds, living minds, real people, trapped inside of a reality that was being animated for them based on their input and the necessity to maintain their homeostasis within the physical body. Thus, if waking up was too ‘stressful’, the system would instantly put them back to sleep. It was, essentially, holding their consciousness ‘under the water’.

The rest is…well, the future.”