Disassembly Line

Remember, I said in 2016, the system was being dismantled and the input was disconnected from the underground control grid. The discord and infighting could be used as an interface to power that system. If people choose to not fight humanity but to heal, it powers down forever. This was because of group efforts to rescue and disrupt the ongoing secret operations involving an underground human trafficking industry, genetic engineering programs, breeding programs, human cloning technology, consciousness transfer and memory suppression and simulation. Advanced technology, developed in part from previous work derived from WW2 mind control and electrogravitic technology.

What was discovered was an age long suppression of humanity through entities that worked through manipulation and biological mimicry. They exploit, act to hide their true intentions. In short, the gods of the previous age were literally hijacked human souls infiltrated by nannite sub atomic quasi living parasitic consciousness replicators. Similar to how crops were turned into ‘predator crops’, these computerized, micro scale, quasi sentient, devices could hybridize and hijack the sentience of a conscious human being, infiltrating the fractal connectome of their mind to literally rewrite their memories. This occurred deep underground, behind blast doors, multiple layers of encasement, and an array of security measures. In bringing this information forward the future in which humanity is completely blind-sighted by these events and others is avoided at least in part.