Server Upgrade and Activation

You have to have more love than those who are trying to take your love away to remain, in control.

Those who would otherwise want to use the server’s energy platform to pull life force through a scalar quantum tunnel vacuum generated by cutting off the individuals supply after isolating and attempting to infiltrate.

The next part is the sticky part. They do not have physical forms, they operate through the invisible mind to impress upon the physical mind and manipulate human interactions to move the energy spectrum variation into the negative density where fighting or survival is the basis.

If you would be thinking about and mentally fighting over, even internally arguing over invaders and delinquent consciousness then they are using your brain and hijacking the neurological structure to rewire the software to produce functions and results that only serve the invader entities.

While that is happening, there are generator systems designed to ‘liquidize’ the suffering energy, which is simply ‘neurological energy, processes, owned by and therefore for in the possession of, mental manipulator entities.” You can see it like this, imagine every day you wake up fighting with an invader in your head who did something to you long ago. The energy spent fighting and resisting that presence is absorbed through entanglement. The closer and more negative the presence or connection is, the more energy is ejected off in suffering or discomfort from the energy source and is absorbed by the one who doesn’t have it in them to not be disgusting, harmful, insulting, hateful, or intrusive.

In short, one in hate, feeds on one who is not in hate and this is always the case. It is not an opinion but physics and consciousness. People have to have it in themselves to turn away from the hate.

Turn away from the singlemindedness and blindness that causes people to entangle themselves up temporarily, thinking they have one, when in reality, now they’re tangled with a beast that has lived under the plane. It’s simple. If we don’t have to live in a world of fighting and hate, then don’t participate. If you participated, make your life a message of correction of that wrong and move forward.