Energy Phase 2

Spool your energy up so that you can do the work that needs to be done to live in health without being overcome by the stress of the requirements.

You should be spending this time wisely conserving and clarifying your energy, your mind and body, eating properly, going to bed early and keeping your C rhythms in synchronization with nature so that your mind can also participate and contribute in the higher reality that is.

All of this has been brought about by a higher reality, by those of this society who have travelled so far to the past and future with their energy that they are everywhere at once.

The true battle has not begun, this is when you personally, individually, specifically experience that dark system attempting to pull you back in and make you it’s own. This is the path, that is the journey that was spoken of.

It is a path out of an artificially designed world with a synthesized state of ignorance and confusion and the natural result of that is suffering.

A few people were willing to toss everyone else off the boat, and use their body as a keel, just so they could get to a place they didn’t really need to go.

Your battle is with you.