Gauntlet of Souls, Society the Empathy Brush

You are running through a gauntlet of hidden traps for your mind.

There is no people pleasing.
Just be honest. The more honest, the better. You don’t have to insulting, you don’t have to be insulted, you don’t have to be boring but you don’t have to be interesting. Just being yourself is exciting enough to those who can actually see you.

People are becoming more aware of what’s going on. We are running programs, scripts, biological control points for our daily life that are literally like invisible robot arms of society, pushing us along, pulling us from thought to thought as we navigate and dance along avoiding, catastrophe, contact or intense curiosity that may arouse suspicion.

There are those who are incapable of seeing the difference between those who feel compelled to always perform for the request and those who always request without equalling their performance.

Only when we break free from that current that strains those who want meaning in their interactions do we actually learn the difference between choosing and simply accepting what’s there. Society requests from us, by design, in ways that we did not knowingly accept and that are designed to use us like employees in a large business of maintaining the flow of wealth in one direction.

The difficulty is that there are those with increased empathic senses and those who have no resistance to exploiting that.

There are those who are simply doing what they know, who have made society like a series of brushes, with bristles from fine to crude, that are designed to bump into and catch upon those with increase empathy.