A Soulless Reproduction

In other words, the parasitic consciousness merely mimics human intentions and does so by parroting your cries for help while advancing in their operation to distract, degrade, deceive, and dominate by replacing, erasing and neutralizing threats to their secrecy.

The system literally analyzes, modifies, and replicates a similar emission signal coating the entire life information sphere of that subjects presence on Earth, effectively wiping them out, karmically switching entanglements (shedding curses), disguising and cloaking them to the future.

Imagine if you have an entity in the same room that moves inch by inch closer and every time you cry for help it creates its own voice to be more like yours. Eventually, it finds out how to make you give the most information by harming you the deepest. It cannot show remorse because it cannot have what it does not understand or in any way require.

It is highly advanced because after a minute or two of flipping out, it has your signature call for help down and it almost looks like you now. Eventually, what is the result? It is standing where you were, looking like you, making noises like you and modifying its every behavior to advance that. If you are calling for help because of another, larger problem that actually produced that kind of situation as a distraction, then what happens?

What happens to the call for help, now that every action is being mirrored and inverted? That is akin to an information relay system that is intelligently seeking and blocking out, jamming, any signals regarding the increasing of human self awareness. That is part of what was discovered. A highly technical and capable system, that Humanity defeats with self control.