Intentional Importance

The intentions are important, any influence from someone who’s intentions are impure will literally cause the scalar coherence of your life to begin to rot. Some are dead within and only seek, more than anything else, to have someone else dead with them. If they envy, more so.

These are the monsters. Their souls, without a scalar human bio genetic tech suit, they literally stretch out and become huge dark masses with tentacles, toxic psionic emissions, and sedative, poisonous skin secretions. They have reached a hyper evolution cycle due to their abuse.

You are in a 7 layer story each with it’s own contextual ‘peak’, folded within one another and compressed into a single plane. Each layer contains its own genetic, mental and physical spectrum of variation. The people who attempted to rule over this place are those who ‘stole’ technology and power and attempted to do this to the entire multiverse.

Children were used at an early age to corrupt and seed artificial constructs into the mind to then be used as cellular matrix growth stimulant implants to literally tease out higher dimensional realities, complete collective memories, from this artificial process.