Filter Dimmer Switch to Reduce Noise

We thought when you filter reality through the system for the benefit that it is supposed to provide, you put the change in the top and get the beneficial outcome at the bottom.

Noone’s checked their prizes and those who did quickly saw that they are literally just empty containers like those that come out of a gumball machine. Those who spoke up were silenced and the ‘prize’ was given the most expensive, brilliant, and powerful display ever, to trick everyone into thinking it’s not just an empty gumball (container).

We were educated into submission to nonsense, thinking the institutions that were designed to function as accelerators and facilitators of consciousness would carry us into the future.

They brought us here, the knowledge has shrunk and become brittle and misshapen no different than a rotten fruit. Those who sought to deform the projected fulfillment of Humanity’s future development as self aware and free willed disguised their operations as the institutions of society itself.