Artificial Temporal Field Acceleration Related Entropy

Time and space, consciousness is confusing to those trained to function as limited energy resource generators on Earth. If there is a situation in which given an indefinite amount of time and energy, you would perform in a certain way, then anytime you are in that situation, without a physical anchor, you would perform in that way. In other words, if it took you this long to get to the piece of rope in this place, and eventually reached a certain level of entropy, then this is the fundamental baseline.

Without a physical reference, and without the ability (knowledge) to create a feedback inversion field then time would accelerate to the ‘fastest’ known, or possible discourse and all events, at the bottom of the ladder, would take precedent and occur nearly simultaneously, in quick, synchronized occurrence. This should explain a little more why this happened. The people who experienced the highest degree of corruption, are those with money and power who did not listen to The Most High, who informed them they would have to find the chosen and send them instead. Instead, they used them, and sucked the life force out of these children, just to try and stay on top.

Then, when they found these kids were nothing special, they went. Now they have no brains and cannot even form sentences properly without completely reversing their own intent and introducing levels of entropy to their mind and DAnet that requires external assistance to mitigate. The mind is as much the feelings and the feelings and mind is as much the body as the hand.

Entering into the advanced technology, highly advanced and powerful forms that were provided for us, by the Most High, is not only corrupt, but such a bad idea that that happened.