Get Passed this Illusion

If one messes around and starts fights, then this creates a resulting vampiric reality that continuously attempts to replenish itself with new energy. See? We are creating reality and unless you can then go into a warlike reality, while retaining self awareness, it becomes like a nightmare that one can’t wake out of.

Reality is free standing, we have made systems that can effectively couple with reality’s ability. The result is the ability to navigate a fractal reality which changes through realms of information like simulated environments.

Now what happens, when you take the simulation, and convert the information of the simulated space, as the information of the hierarchy of consciousness mapped out with all available information of the human race. You get a simulation that acts like it’s real.

The point is, your mind does this automatically, and those who are not awakened to this, are in a danger potential to be overwhelmed by their reality.

There are others who enjoy a more intense reality and because of the imbalance of knowledge and power, this race could be destroyed by itself, by the imbalanced acceleration of some and the resulting various oppression of others.

Then if everyone is aware of this fundamental navigability of reality and the nature of the soul as a kind of barometer and steering wheel for reality, it is as simple as preparing ourselves and living in ways that are more truthful to how we are, so we are not overwhelmed.

The idea is quite literally that if we fight and play with danger, skirting with disaster in this reality, in our ‘exemplified expanded’ (basically dreaming or hyperaware) reality states beyond the physical, we create endless fractal arrays of unbeatable wars within us.

The messed up part is the dichotomy. We can’t win those internal battles because they’re formed in a half aware state. Essentially, they are the suffering of Earth, the spirit of Humanity, the saga of the human soul reflecting upon the trauma. There is no war.

Except in ignorance. So the winning of the war within is not by defeating the enemy that’s visible and polarized against the victory, it is by realizing the war is not yours and the entire process is an illusory reflection of the real world where you must adjust your self.

We are dreaming because we are constantly at war with ourselves. So does this mean, the dreamer who doesn’t participate, awakens?

So whenever you find yourself participating in the battle, think to yourself. “Get to the real world. Get passed this illusion.”