Ancient Message

Triggered DeCodes: Mirror Universe & the Battle to Control DNA Key Maker Activations, the Power of anchoring to Our own base energy frequencies & Consciously Actualizing Our spiritual Unity via the Electroplasmic Universe with private Activation Key Codes

I don’t know about this video. This is the idea. There are ancient messAGEs.

Something happened that disrupted our memory.
A recording has been sent for us.

The truth of how you are here, the light, physics, consciousness, force multiplier equations that bring low density scale energy into dimensional equilibrium with the material plane and back to the spiritual.

The recordings they give you are how to be physical.
The secret recordings are how to be spiritual.
I don’t mean that as an opinionated thing. “Oh he’s so spiritual.”
I mean literally reactivating the portion of your body residing in higher space, beyond time.

Whatever your energy is, it must surpass a .66 percent equilibrium ‘levi’ in order to remain what it is, IE: become physically ‘that’ essence’.
Your energy has to be primarily ‘open ended’, in that, you are not seeking a physical goal which is ‘one thing’ to obtain.

In chasing materialism, the soul hardens, it becomes only compatible in worlds where those parameters are present, IE: hell.
There are only such systems in this place, no where else do you have to pay someone else in order to progress yourself. That’s just a hostage situation.

To be .66 percent ‘open ended’, means that at least somewhere above 50% of your daily actions are based within the foundation of the intent to assist in the mental liberation of Humanity which is a ‘whole’ Mind Body Memory thing whereby you can’t lie to yourself and actually believe it or have it work and get the ‘same results’.

The idea is that if you are .66 percent addicted to this place and cannot avoid recreating the same routines, then your mind will not be able to gather enough momentum to leave.

Next time, it will be .66 of your energy, times itself, in a negative entropic descent, which will require THAT much more (a fibonacci expansion) of your energy to REVERSE.