How Consciousness Moves

What if your dreams are other’s realities? This is physics, you are rotating in a way that requires ID physics to explain. That is the ‘shape’ of you.

What if the shows you watch, are synonymous with your reality being watched by others? This too is a part of physics, but modulated through technology. You are watching your own history when you see TV, either artificial (inserted) or hinting at truth. Everything exists.

As a result, the reality you think you’re in and the realities to either side are switched. You’re looking at an intersection of mental planes that overlay enough in specific moments to generate self awareness in you.

If you pick up that pattern to the point of self operated control over the frequencies required, you can then recreate your own state of mind. This happens regardless. Whether or not you are in control of it determines where you are.

As a result, like currents and eddies, there are pressure points where one has to power themselves through areas that would otherwise take their energy and spin it away from the goal.

Because our minds are moving in different directions, each possibility represents a total reality that the collective experiences.

We must consciously acknowledge and maintain awareness of the potential variation of the mind and what is required to control the overflow or the lack of clarity (“mind strength”) otherwise these become the ‘free radicals’ of our dreams and leak nightmares into this reality.