“No Womenz”

Golfing, horse racing, hunting, and corporate owned team sports become networking hubs through which private operators can provide a means of controlling access to influence, powers, and wealth through what can only be condensed to a secret society of controllers and manipulators.

How many back room deals were actually made on a golf course instead? Or within a box seat at a busy sports game, filled with connoisseurs of power, chasing political influence through the merging of special interests, politics and corporate order through entertainment and high life.

Corporate power through social exchanges within a hierarchy of prioritizing the most control to the wealthiest lacks transparency.

Simply put. If what you do influences everyone else. Do they have a right to know? If what someone else does, influences you, should they have an obligation to tell you? So where is the meaning in total rule through secrecy if transparency is by definition the fundamental basis of morality and competence in a socially malleable world? If this world is not socially malleable then how does such a system utilize the social process to gain such manipulative power over many? If that social process is just a ploy and it is only a projection of the true power of the underlying power structure that is REALLY calling the shots, then does this not, by definition, place humanity and society as a secondary, periphery, and non prioritized position?

How then, could the very source and substance of one’s greed, be placed at the bottom of the barrel towards the lack of all want? Instead, the situation is reversed, and the source and substance is what is being sucked dry by a system that caters to nothing but itself and even through that is too distraught to gain any more than an extreme lack of fulfillment.

Club memberships, corporate write offs, secret networking, hidden plans, behind the scenes deals made in secret, out of the office where nobody can listen.

Let alone, when these sports and activities, ‘entertainment’ is really looked at, each one is distracting in just a way that as a whole, the number of people looking at them are kept in a state of trance as if unable to think for themselves and form their own opinions. In themselves, these avenues filter and channel distraction and aggression in the place of self control.

Then the athletes are concussed and sent home to shake and wonder what’s next while the biggest influence we have of this is that sports are instituted into every city and town through the academic institutions.

Get this, the youngest of children, before they can even understand why, are being coerced into all kinds of ‘cultural enrichment’ whereby they never learn about their true history or power and instantly abandon all hope of ever being in control of how meaningless or corrupt the establishment of their life is. Your children are being groomed to become a part of any aspect of that society.

This is not a joke.

The later generations will not have the capacity to become anything other than that which you now have the power to avoid.

Also remember how these things don’t naturally acquire the attention of the powerful female in this world. Thus, this whole system, or this tiny little glimpse of a single aspect of something much larger, is part of a kind of ‘no womenz’ gate that seemingly prohibits those who might be less inclined to sell out the children’s children’s children of the entire nation.