The Knowledge of What Has Happened Lights the Pathway Upward

Plastic clothes pollute the water with plastic microfibers. The ocean is literally becoming saturated with them. Why are they still be produced all over for profit like cheap trash? Why is the planet being destroyed like a highschool party in someone’s parent’s basement?

Are you supporting the companies, are you supporting the people? What are supporting that is this? Nearly everything? Reality is self cleansing, that stuff doesn’t exist any where else. It means if we don’t let go of it here, we can’t move on and experience a dulling.

If we can avoid using as much plastic, that is a start. But how can we stop the thousands of thousands of factories and companies putting out cheap, 10 dollar, plastic clothes? From sweatshop to slave labor, child labor, cheap products, giant revenues, pollution. Stop supporting.

Society has experienced multiple versions of these. We move forward and then get caught up on something and this turns our path to either side while slowing us down. While we slow down, some of us starts to decay. The longer we remain, the closer the decay turns to rot.

Thus we are in a vicious cycle of time where we are causing our own sleep and climbing up each time to knock ourselves back down the mountain. Are we doing it to ourselves, even if it is a method that society has never seen? Can that be known by the collective?

Not consciously, until we openly know, with one another, that this time was manipulated in this way, through these methods of distraction and pollution and so on, then the collective itself will be blind and incapable of resisting the offer.

There is a point to which this doesn’t continue to function properly and anomalies begin to appear. That is because this system has caused ripples that distort perception due to vibratory reverb from events in time in an alternate dimension.

When we know how that has happened, we have a pathway back to our knowledge of the true self as a non dual eternal entity.