Reality Time Map

It’s as if multiple events are rotating around a central world where we are trying to make sense of everything. If we have a reality map (clock) we can then rotate the map with the pattern of events and see where we are on the map and decode each event to a reference.

To continue, the events are like the numbers on the clock. The center point is the experience of the whole world (all of us), combining here on the internet. We have to know which ‘hour’ each event is coming from in order to know how to interpret the meaning.

The meaning can only be seen through one event interpreted through the referential connections that can be found through the map of all events as they happen.

This is like there is one order of events in the center, and that is all things. They occur on the outside by the hours, the hours themselves, they are in a random order. After the events are recorded, you can see the patterns and connect the references.

Once enough of the pattern is decoded forwards and backwards you have a ‘straight line’. That will project possibilities outward with a level of accuracy equal to the level of detail in the decoded map, meaning the amount of events that are synchronized according to a pattern.

This is the only way to understand as the system has been deliberately created to require a larger scope of consciousness to see accurately. Thus, we have glimpses directly but can use our resources and communication to map out the larger construct.

That construct is in the ‘dark’. Just like the village building games in middle school tech class (afterwards) where one makes a village and advances the society. The map is dark at first and scouts must be sent out to uncover it before the resources or threats can be seen.

We, humanity, in this situation, collectively, is in that game. We cannot see that construct over all and it’s not just resources or threats, it’s a system that will automate your existence before you can deny, if you fall prey to its methods.

As we build the map, collectively, a higher mind awakens. That is what this is about. You get more of it now.