Decentralizing Pride, Ego, Suffering

Pride, in the sense of greatness without merit (or just to the point of imbalancing the sense of self from clarity) and the suffering of the ego are connected. Pride pumps up the pseudo self, clarity then dissolves it. The only thing you have are your choices.

Where you think you have more, that will be perceived as falling away to the truth which changes reality on a fundamental level. Where you think you have less, the loss of image, you will perceive that as never having been in the first place. Perception is like a battle of opposites with springs on both sides. It always feels like something is pushing and pulling on either end, like an engine. When that is caught up through the emotional association and learned helplessness framework, the mind counteracts the will.

This is more of a temporal alignment. Where you think the energy is pushing, it’s actually pulling and your perception is creating a temporary, localized wake inducing the opposite effect. By seeing how the automatic thought engine leads to a continual battle of opposites like trying to write backwards, you can place your feeling in sync with your long body who does not feel the immediate rush of each potential thought reshaping reality through emotional context. Life is like a continuous connection of emotions and so the emotional context and association ‘routine’ is inbuilt to the ‘theme’ of civilization itself. If one allows themselves to be moved by every push or pull, then their energy becomes like the magnet, strictly polarized.

The issue is that the framework for the contextual association is outdated and creates miasmic back up that has to then be cleaned and healed by others. By choosing to take self accountability, strictly accepting the dissolution of the ego, before the pride, the system changes.