Rogue Breakaway Civilization

A cloning and advanced technology consciousness transfer system was used by a rogue breakaway civilization to enslave the entire previous age of humanity. There was an event and our reality was placed into darkness. This became a time loop of biology and technology interfacing with itself through dimensional gateways. Humanity was held hostage.

Children were trained for advanced technology research and development. While this was happening, the entire focus was to heal humanities broken timelines, literally an interdimensional lack of continuity that was measured here in lack of resources and stability. While one aspect of humanity was healing itself through this, a rogue group enslaved. So one side was using the tech to enslave humanity all the way out into the future and another side was bringing that back to the present and neutralizing the results so that there was a conceivable reality for humans to live in.

The true shape of time, then, has multiple layers zigzagging back and forth like a dimensional ‘shuffle’. This like a frequency based tick tack toe. The children that were trained to defend Humanity were then kidnapped by dark forces. We were literally kidnapped by people who had sold us out to forces that were only capable of operating in darkness by initiating enough suffering to cause a split in the mind of the individual to operate as a parasitic intelligent force that would then rerender and ‘takeover’ the consciousness of that individual. This is rogue technology used by humans who’s brains and consciousness itself has mutated beyond recognition by comparison to the majority of humanity. These are psychopaths and they are all throughout the population. We were told this was literally one group that had used this technology to copy and infect itself across the entire Earth civilization. History itself was influenced through time technology and entire ages are left out. Everything that is happening now is part of a process of breaking a temporal, artificial intelligence hold on humanity which creates the same repeating loop of destruction that resets time to an earlier period.

The whole time this was happening (6 times in total), the spirit of humanity was moving forward with the first time, yet the consciousness of humanity was held back. I was involved in a secret space program. They strapped me in and sent me off. Many celebrities are also involved. There is a band who’s name is literally the same words as a sign that flashes above your head as you’re strapped into something like a system hopping launch pad that literally streamlines an entire room across some kind of distance that results in another environment being opened up when one walks down the metal ramp on the other side of the ‘gate’.