Neural Net Ghouls

The neural nets of those around you must be navigated like a time delay resistance based visual proprioception whole body motion through consciousness.

The circular motions are like continuous rows of eddies in a series of rivers that are always symmetrically balanced.

In this society, the literal brain fields of the population have been designed as a ‘soul trap’ for those who don’t know how to navigate.

We are essentially in an information field and our future motions in time are mapped out according to the most stable plan involving ourselves and the population around us.

If one is embedded in the field they have to map out an algorithmic function that will enable them to utilize increasingly complex patterns of interaction through the field based on their own thought patterns projected across a collective thought pattern arrangement of everyone they interact with.

If you are trickd into interacting with a spacetime dominant aural net system, then you will experience the neural net of a human interacting with you however this will be only the shell of a human, on the “GUI” layer while underneath the primary informational processing will undoubtedly reveal that of a non human entity.

If you permit this informational construct to reshape your life, it doesn’t matter if they are a non human, they will then attach their informational structures so deeply into your informational ‘server’ (soul) that it will be as if a piece of it is theirs.

This is entanglement and they will utilize this as a form of informational ‘tether’, literal hooks in higher space, like velcro, that actually dig in and scoop up as match ‘sacrifice’ energy as possible to require the victim to have to cut away some living flesh in order to save themselves.

It may be that they cannot actually ‘offer’ anything of themselves because they don’t actually have a physical form and are just perceived as a holographic apparition that consistently appears once it is installed into the visual, neural and emotive centers of the human. The emotive centers are most likely the most difficult to engage as this first required a complicated break down of the targets vital emotional structures in order to give ‘key’ points through which they can be consistently manipulated through interaction.

There is always manipulation because the entities do not have the capacity to interact without a necessary exchange of energy because they are not organically from this place so they cannot move on ‘their own’ volition and are actually stuck in one place, like a virus, without a host to transfer them.

These entities are viral systems that can be multi phase in their inoculation and infection.