Gravity Well Frequency Fence

This is another aspect of what was discovered. We are currently, this humanity, living in the undead soul grave yard of the previous age. Those who gained enough momentum to do something different are still trapped within the sea of those who didn’t. Moving at the same pace, like a transient overgrown herd, we will use up all the necessary resources before anyone collectively gets anywhere new. We are in a literal ‘vacuum’ of potential as the same repeating values continually process themselves. The rate at which one can change their focus to readjust their entire perspective in a world view is a determining factor of the range of variation and mobility of those in the population.

Contingency plans are put into place with the consideration of natural disasters, because it is known that the majority won’t have the necessary resources in the required amount of time to influence their situation if there is a large enough influence from an event. This issue is different, it is due to a misuse of technology that resulted in a projection of human consciousness into simulation which is attempting to entrain and recreate the entire human species.

The same information is overlayed 9 magnitudes of order across time. This occurs dimensionally, in every radial direction you could look, spatially and temporally. This is the information space that we are surrounded with as space and time has been layered over itself like eddies in a river. This is what is called the ‘soul trap’. This scalar energy based frequency net works similar to a minnow trap in that it would be like pressing against the wire cage to ‘force’ one’s way out. And it’s a powerful gravity ‘well’ of consciousness formatting that continually recreates one’s position further down the well. That is like the event horizon of an informational space ‘gravity well’. Everything the majority is doing maintains a steady pace towards a lack of potential variation and the same resulting outcomes.