Time bomb Mind Virus

We found it, attempted to control it, and awakened a mob of drones that are still implanted through their genetics. A race of humans was generated for this purpose and put to sleep only to ‘rise’ against in time. It’s a beast like system, an operation the functions – like a snake, to wrap people in darkness. literally, an etheric fluid that the system produces that more or less steals the souls and creativity of that individual replacing it with a pseudological ego based on trauma and harvesting.

They are just pseudo ego, in the sense that they are attempting to replicate what they consider to be the true human ego, but can only come up with a series of programmable responses that function exactly like the passing of memes. They are incapable, in other words to think free It is not that they are LOW IQ, as people have been saying.

They are quite literally NO IQ, or reflective, memetic, automatic, android consciousness beings. AKA, drones, androids or robotoids, all different methods. Some say these were the first experiments to recreate life gone awry, some say they were the first life created as AI. Regardless, the entirety of what’s happening is that this system became activated again and some still wanted to fight the wars of old and play ‘in the dirt’, that would sacrifice the health and continuity of the entire civilization, let alone nation. Anyone who is still participating in the heathens game will be considered one of them and I am one of the last to get away from that. It’s a joke, they are not conscious and never will be. It took many thousands of years to get this far and they only want to go backwards and play in the dirt again. Those who come forward to the light of truth and reason have nothing to hide and are not afraid to cross reference the depth of their mind, their creativity and their ego, with the true records of all life. The records of all life have been discovered a recording device in a series of cave systems all over the planet. These magnetic caves act as vortex points which literally rotate, move with rotation, and rotate with that rotation. If your energy is ‘moving’ through a vortex of time along with that. Then one who enters one of these vortexes literally experiences them as an ‘elavator’ of spacetime. These cross temporal civilizations are all linked together through these cave systems like magnetic rotational interdimemsional elevators And someone sold us out, or there just happens to be a race of hybrid, non human entities that are positioned there as a kind of military force to stop humans ever knowing or having access to this technology.

The “elite’ have been gene swapped and switched around. It’s true, those who were found there are non human entities that infiltrated this realm and are positioned all around as a military force to destroy humanity from ever using advanced tech for travel and healing, all because of jealousy and hatred of old world. Now you know. Now you know, because of the recent events, large and small can see who cares, and who is completely out of their mind with lack of care or any kind of connection to the reality of the situation of life and responsibility here. One wants to lose free will because it’s too much to keep up with. And one is simply doing what they can to maintain control of a failing social project so we don’t go back to the dark ages. We went back to the dark ages 6 times previously and each time resulted in mass migration of AI entities who’s genetics were previously not available on the planet. They appeared, and it is all documented how the invasion went before. The same people were trying to let it happen again.