The Fractal Trit Unit of Reality

Like akashic librarian says, the information required to make this realm is a ‘trit’. Essentially, when you zoom into a graphical system like google Earth game you get polygons. The fundamental units are some kind of complete shape, no more than a series of planes around an axis. When you zoom into this world, you get a prismatic effect of compressing light, geometry and dimension into a fundamentally ‘fractal’ compositions of angular and spectral variation. These unique ‘tri’ potential, potential, exponential entanglement systems, make possible the unfolding of space and time into continuous layers forwards and backwards. This layer folds “INSIDE” and outside of other layers instead of just one 2D field with blocks of polygons or visual depictions like a graphical interface. This FIELD of Data is actually partly altered by the individual observer meaning EACH VIEW is its own ANGLE within a system composed of angular variations. This is like looking at a silver ball, seeing your reflection while turning and every time you turn, the ball itself rotates. Every time the ball rotates the background in the distance behind you rotates as well, in correspondence. And while this is happening, here, on one layer, like a combination lock, there are multiple other layers with there is happening ‘beneath’ and ‘above’ the view dimensionally. Earth is comprised of 7 layers of planes or discs that are above and below one another and each interlock to produce a complete version of reality. Zooming ‘into’ one of the layers ‘rotates’ the trit so that the entire realm, every trit in the plane you’re in, rotates around a maximum and minimum axis variation that places each layer in collective resonance or reflectivity of each other, rendering a literal, 3, 6, 9 combination of potential realities, yous within the realities, and realities within the realities, all at once, all through a simultaneous and synchronized ‘anchoring’ and ‘projection’ system where that trinary ‘unit’ is the level of detail that is connected throughout and used to navigate the entire field. Without those units, it would be like flying through the air without knowing the wind speed or altitude, or one or the other at the same time, only having a partial look at reality that excludes 2 out of the 3 possibilities each time. That is where people are ‘stuck’ because they have been lied to and convinced acting like a fool is good behavior.