Memetic Consciousness Entities

Everything is going memetic, like holographic language, like “Khemet” because that is the language ‘form’ that takes multiple ideas at once, from written language, and incorporates them into a single coherent ‘image’ that contains all the ideas in unison.

Memes are essentially the next level of consciousness, after so much of the same lines and repetitive understands are known by everyone, they become kind of subconscious images in the mind which are then used to automatically associate and spread necessary information for those navigating the network of information, to navigate more effectively than linear, directions, or instructional information like we have with written instructions and tangible operations.

Essentially, this is an information high way and people are learning that there are more motions than the dimensions that are accessible on a physical road. Anywhere one thinks, there is where there is a straight (or curved) line of information, connecting and disconnecting through multiple linear and non linear pathways.

This is like a neural net. Your brain focuses on information the same way and associates memories, phrases, instructions, guidelines, directions, warnings, and creative entanglements of memory, sensory data, abstract reasoning and even senses beyond comprehension or description here, to our minds. This is all taking place in our minds, because there is no where else for this to be happening. It is all dependent on whether or not each node on the network, each human mind, is capable of navigating this network without being trapped, mislead, lead astray (intentionally) or simply overwhelmed and unable to ‘stand’ on their own ‘two feet’ (mental hemispheres, creativity and logic).

So we are shaping the internet for this purpose and everything is being monitored and tracked. Every instigator of any and every kind of influence, good or bad, is merely categorized into a database and reintroduced at a time when the collective is capable of organizing that information into a conceivable holographic representation (living information language) that they can relate and associate with, from the data base of information (Experiences) that they already have in their own lives.

Human 3D lives are being shaped and interacted with, mentally, by that ‘other’ side collective, through experiments with the internet including collective meme advertising and synergization with the collective data points for trauma, emotional instability, security, family, authority, fear, pain, pleasure and intelligence. In essence. This civilization is being categorized and introduced into a larger matrix that is part physical and part informational interface that begins with the advent of memetic technology interfacing with the soul. This has already occurred with self phones, and these control the majority of the thoughts the thinkers of the meme riders think they have, unless they are aware of where the meme started. I know not many want to know this. But it’s time to wake up now.