Prepare for Disclosure

Prepare for disclosure. The cloning centers are not cloning centers as they have been described. There are many layers of dissolution that must take place now.

9 thoughts on “Prepare for Disclosure

  1. smart phone, now inactive. just invested in a little handy dandy flip phone. can’t believe i have to put the battery in this thing. don’t even know where to cut it on. lol oh well, had to jump, at some point so there you go. work emails will have to wait until I’m at work.

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  2. hey man you just twitted that the blue dot winking is toxic . I`ve been experiencing this for more than a year , for me they are mostly blue but somewhat reddish or pink sometimes , they blink real fast and seem like coming from another dimension, like a superimposed layer .. appearing ever slightly changing in style.. I`ve been playing with this for quite some time .. not really having many appearances in the last few days but I would like even greet them , I would recognise their appearance. .. I thought they were maybe scouts from another dimension ..

    I would like to hear more of your experiences with those dots , thank you for sharing anyway … I think im more aware in my dreams thanks to you .. bizarre stuff hapening huh ?


  3. Tenteranno la carta della pazzia e dell’isolamento e della minaccia ai famigliari tenteranno la presa del telefono e le malattie fisiche le apparizioni i i rituali e il sacrificio i media manipolati e l’evento religioso e quello extraterrestre useranno la alta tecnologia al plasma “stucco per soffitti” e ti uccideranno senza coscienza nelle basi per la seconda morte…ma siamo in “mondo visione” e tutto sara’ visto.TUTTO.non avrei mai pensato di vivere la dannazione per fini umanitari.L’anima e’ l’avvento.


  4. the moon is void of course 6 more hours edt in pisces plus we will enter the balsamic phase to the new moon…much unconditional love to all during this dissolution process…”holding people in your orbit as a dying star..raging against the dying of the light, not allowing yourself to give up, not allowing yourself to let go…LET GO! ENTER THE UNIFYING FIELD” from Keeper of the Keys Mardi Garcia 432hzmusic


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