JayDreamerZ Plasma Event

7 thoughts on “JayDreamerZ Plasma Event

  1. Btw, this was Rose’s (YRFT) reply, when asked if the entities on the ships would need our consent to board the ships…?
    She said: “No, you are not asked for consent, as far as I can tell…that would pose a problem in retrieval. It is the “You” outside, that is retrieving the “you” inside the construct, and then merging back together as one being again.”


  2. StartWhereYouStand, Angie C. and SL, thank you all for your replies, I do appreciate your explanations. I don’t fear death, never have… quite the opposite, (just check out my hospital records over my lifetime of extreme sports.
    There have been several times that even I was shocked I survived. )
    ..What I’m hoping to avoid, is a scenario where I DON’T physically die, but end up in some “Ship” in a “Bed” waiting to see what some ET plans to do with “the skin I’m wearing.” This was why I asked about holding on to a plumbing fixture, as opposed to “floating up into the sky” to be gathered by these (rescue?) ships.

    In other words, I just don’t want to ‘Zig’ when I should have ‘Zagged,’ so to speak. Free will is great, but mistakes can be made, and our physical selves suffer pain. I no longer assume that being “saved” requires no real effort or thought processes and exercises, so here I am, trying to learn. You all have been very helpful, thank you again.

    The Truth will be seen soon, and all humans will be able to recognize each other for the first time. The machines and whatever they use to enslave us will vaporize. I do hope this is true.

    In a nutshell, I’m just avoiding other questionable entities that might be opportunistically hovering around in “SHIPS” when SHTF .. I would also love to hear YRFT’s thoughts on this ‘Plasma Apocalypse’ video. His next video on this site answers a lot of questions too.

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  3. Aug, how would we know if this “gravity” or E.M. downtime during the pole shift is good – or bad? Should we go underground and hold onto a plumbing fixture? or run outside and wait for the last ride? Here’s where my confusion begins: YRFT describes “the Gathering,” when we all rise, finally see and escape the grid, and eventually all meet in a Heavenly place. (similar to the Rapture, Heaven etc). .. many ships are supposedly waiting up there, to help us (?) and they have lots of beds for us. (not sure I like the word Ships or beds.) Also, how is the word ‘Harvest’ related to all this, and what does it actually mean? Harvest of what? Bodies? Souls? ..Gold teeth? I don’t know if we should find a cave.. -or – run outside when the light show begins. We would be most grateful for your thoughts, Aug. Thank you so very much for all you’ve done for us.


    1. Hi Jeannie, I will not answer for Aug, so if you would like my perspective on this is what I feel. Everybody will be exactly where they were meant to be, regardless of the day or hour, or location, or what you had for supper, or if you put in enough hours to cover the rent or mortgage payments. Preparing to survive is indicative of thinking you are going to die, because you somehow think you are a living body and attached to it, while death is itself an illusion which you wear presently. Overcome your fear of death, and the fear of whatever unknown [known] that comes knocking at your door, will not grip you. Consciousness wears your skin, and it is the life, not the body. when this is known, deeply, within, your fear of death flees and a new life, presently is waiting to be experienced. It will be as if falling asleep one night and waking up the next morning in a new ‘reality/skin/realm/world/age/cosmos/life’. life knows what belongs to itself. So try not to get caught up in the fear or panic/survival mode for events that are designed to rid the dog of its flees. You are the owner of the dog and have been the flea at times. everything transitions as its meant to because there are no mistakes, just learning experiences in Consciousness. Will there be a plasma apocalypse? of course. will there be a blood fire and brimstone, asteroid strike? of course. Will there be an event that drops the scales and opens the 3rd eye on world wide level? of course. All things manifest here because that is how it works. I suggest thinking on good things, for all, and a revealing that does not need catastrophe to move us all into remembrance. However, collectively it may be needed and if so, then what is there to worry about, really? All life returns to life, all death remains as dead, until life is gained, and this repeats this way as it has always been intended, except no more rats and flees will ever be allowed to see the light of ‘our Day’.

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    2. Hi, Jeannie.
      I do hope Aug can reply to your comment, although I see he uses this platform primarily for disclosure and spreading more awareness, and seems to rarely reply to questions. (maybe bc he’s asking the same questions..? But the answers are not straightforward? Idk..)
      I have to say – I had similar thoughts to the ones you bring up after seeing Jay’s ‘plasma apocalypse’ videos he started posting a few weeks ago. I went to the extent asking YRFT what she thinks about the myth of Cthulhu and the plasma tentacles, for the fact that ‘some people”s interpretatiion is that they will look exactly like fireworks or beams coming from the sky that will suck people up… and her reply to me was:

      – ‘@SL https://www.amazon.com/Cthulhu-Cycle-Thirteen-Tentacles-Fiction/dp/1568820380 rofl. seriously? “Azazthoth” is Azazel Thoth two separate people, as one name. Just more identity theft to rename and otherwise obscure the truth.’

      I don’t have memory of all the myths of the underworld Rose is familiar with, but I have a feeling that there’s heavy loads of predictive programming coming up from left and right to create more fear based events. So, we can only trust our inner knowing and everything else is an option – the choice to go in and out of that state is what sometimes increases confusion. My current chances of getting fast enough to a cave (should any apocalyptic scenario during the Pole shift arises) are probably close to zero. But I’m sure we’ll make it somehow :)
      From what I know, ‘the harvest’ has already taken place in the years around 2011-2012, …
      i hope this helps.


  4. Ho bisogno di capire il rapporto dello spazio interno esterno e perche’ cercano e usano il plasma?nella mia citta’ e’ iniziato ieri sera usano il rituale della carne e del sangue ,a turno, le famiglie impostano le coordinate biologiche e poi cercano di usare il ….”bambino” _per triangolare o proiettarsi_ il cielo ieri sera sembrava fatto a bolle e sospeso.io credo che ero all’interno non del vero me ma delle “colonie”in me…cazzo! hanno colonizzato l’uomo antico.


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