Karly Noel Cloning Center Experiences

5 thoughts on “Karly Noel Cloning Center Experiences

  1. C’e un nesso non collegabile nelle apparenze e il centro non e’ l’analisi .Sono sotto il gas continuamente…in un metodo assurdo.La chiarezza la trasparenza non ragionano come il processo, entriamo nella scena e ne usciamo subito dando possibili soluzioni altrimenti impossibili per questa umanita’ ibrida.Tu sei la speranza ,come possono ferirti se non sei nello schema?Mi hai aiutato molto…ora permettimi di aiutarti,ovvero non con lo scioglimento dell’opera, ma deve avvenire fuori dall’azione drammatica.


  2. Isn’t Donald the first one that ever came out publicly exposing the cloning centers? I don’t know the exact timeline of disclosure event, but I remember in researching him and thinking wow he first came out awhile back as far as sources go, I also remember thinking that people, who seemed like genuine “truth seekers” that attacked him which seemed strange to me because things they seemed privy to believe as true what others would say that were similar or often exactly the same as what Donald had said though all secondary sources to this info but he had come out with these things WAAAY before others as a primary source, so it seemed strange why believe other latecomers but not the guy who appeared to be the first sort of thing. I mean if his story wasn’t true, where did he get all of this information from that was nowhere in the mainstream at the time he released what he knew from his personal experiences which is the best info one can get out there. I am pretty sure the “apocalypse” has its sights set on the cloning centers as just one aspect of the evil that has propagated and is destroying the earth, but a rather large one when one knows how much actually goes on there and where/what they connect to if only even on small levels, and in that case if one looks at where the “first strike” as to disclosure about this (because “revelation” is always about something being revealed and coming to light and being seen) well it would have been made at least in the 1st revelation to the public I think by Donald Marshall if I am not mistaken. One also has to understand in other traditions the “ending of the universe” in a way is symbolized by the “eye” being the Eye of Shiva in the Hindu tradition or even the Eye of Ra which was actually in Egyptian tradition the female aspect of Ra that comes to destroy Egypt for his right “eye” is considered an instrument of his “wrath” and in the mythology comes to destroy Egypt and leave barely anything left. “Revelation” also carries this same motif . . . it is about something being seen/revealed which allows for its destruction! So IMO, seeing the face of Donald Marshall on the 1st horse of the Apocalypse . . . well if I had to put a face to that idea just based on the facts on the ground I have come into awareness of as to disclosure I would have to put the face of Donald Marshall on that horse if there was a face to put on it. This does not seem like a misguided interpretation at all and in fact fits the current timeline we got going on right now . . . for someone correct me if I am wrong but I think it was Donald Marshall who first came out to shine a light on and reveal the cloning centers and at that as a first hand experiencer. One could say he was truly the first.

    It makes me cry in hearing her vision, but also I got t give thanks that that sort of comfort was brought to Karly and certainty that she is not alone in her suffering and that yes something of epic magnitude is going to be done about this it has been seen and sights are set on it, her suffering has been SEEN, akin to the first horseman of the apocalypse I can’t really see anything more fitting than what she saw, and it brings comfort to me too. Thank you for posting this Aug :-)


  3. I don’t know how anyone is to help him get out! I think you’ve said everyone here has clones there. Why don’t I remember any of this? Seems as though most do by a certain age!

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