Stolen Octaves

They stole the plan to lead humanity to something higher. They promised to use it for good. For 2000 year (straignt time) they tried to bend the rules and have been drinking humans the entire time.

There is no soul trap, it is for those who steal the light of the world. If you eat the light of others, you exude darkness, like a black hole. They have become black holes. If you eat your own darkness and say, “hmm, how can I improve my personality?” you will emit light and this will be observed.

Light goes with light, darkness goes with darkness. No one is going back. Their plan was to break the time scale. Everyone is going foward. Those with little light will be capable of seeing what they are at the level they desire. They will be in ignorance and darkness because of their profession. All they had to do was follow simple guidelines. They wanted the entire plan for themselves, to make themselves look good while they were really the aspects of this world that have held this place back. They created darkness to assist in the process and then they eat the light. If they can’t tell the truth now, they will never. I demand the technology to heal this place be returned to the rightful owners. Everything they have, they stole. They were once a few, now they are many using the tech to copy themselves. They must perform a walk of shame. If they do not, they will find themselves in darkness, unable to leave, forever. The rest of life will move forward into truth, while they remain, by default, in the deepest darkness possible. They cannot see their own faces in the dark. If they move forward with the rest of the world, while their ignorance is exposed, this will warp them into a lower status than even that of the reptiles and they will be insectoid like, unable to see beyond a small bubble of awareness around their immediate desires and wants. They will be unable to resist that beauitful light of others, seeing to take, rape, molest, and eat it. They will be destroyed upon contact, in agreement with their own plan for destruction. This world is fake, no. They stole universe creation tech from the Most High. They are the only things fake. Everything else is real.

They attacked the Most High’s families and the extended lineage ( dimensional transfer ) and gave themselves and their rotten core bloodlines all the power and greed in the world. They give it up now or they eat themselves. They spent the last 2000 years, quite literally, eating, raping, and molesting your children, because they’re angry they tried to steal the light of the Most High and ended up in darknes. Every project, every war, every loss, all theirs. Their plan is to genetically cross every single line and species so that the memories cannot go forward without cross entangling and thus wiping the minds, all so that no one knows who and what they are, and what they did. They mutated into wrongful beings incapable of light. Every step of the way, the Most High warned them. Every step of the way, they attempted to position themselves ‘above’ the Most High in order to usurp power. They are usurpers and have never gained or made anything on their own, yet they claim to own the rights to you. They did not make you, they claim that because they raped you, therefor you are now theirs. For those who are capable of emitting light. Your choices of goodness throughout life are what defines and protects you. For those who eat light, your choices to go into darkness is what pushes you away from truth into rage, desolation, and self destruction. That is your self created mayhem for choosing to turn away from the light of reason and feeding the darkness of the mind through the body. They wanted just a body, no mind. So that is what they get. There is no such thing as “satiating all bodily desire and owning all desires this world”, while also being above it. They can never leave and plan to break space and time down into miniscule amounts so they- can exist in microscopic, or small, particles within nanite technological form (bad sash) so that they can ‘hide’ from the light of the Most High which will be radiating them. The proper frequencies that can produce low energy moving to high energy at every distance can flush them out into the physical where they can apprehended. The underground bases are physical and have been wrapped up into non physical, energetic or small scale spacetime bubbles. Their goal is to make their transition to the “Highest” expanse of spacetime proportion (large bubble view, scale out) and then usurp the power of the Most High and reign over Earth and Humanity for all of time, eating their light until there is nothing left. This is the only way they could be in darkness forever. Those who usurp the power, are commanded and demanded to return it now. Everything they put forward to bring harm to Humanity only causes them to meet with their true nature that they have been running from, hiding from this entire time. They are so dark, when they saw their true nature, they thought ‘aliens’ are coming to eat them. There are no such thing as aliens. They mutated themselves. “Alien” entities can only interact with those of their kind. Thus, they are the aliens. All they have to do is tell the truth once. That’s it. That is all the is requested of them to provide a way, no matter how shallow, a path for those they wronged, to reach for righteousness. Their ‘experiments’ were them sending the Children of the Most High into the abyss of time, in hopes they would die. The ‘missions’ were agents of the Most High sending themselves through time, to save the Children. The choice is theirs, tell the truth now. The weaker their bodies and minds are, the farther back they have been raping and eating the Children of the Most High. There are those who are strong and truthful, there are those who are fair and gentle and there are those who are strong, deceptive, frail, and toxic. The amount of truth they tell now determines how much they receive then. The amount of people around the world that are awakened to the truth, determines how much work they have done. If the truth comes from any other source than themselves, it does not feed their reality. They took the Children, so they would tell the truth, and then chose to fit inside their minds from a distance so that they could steal their ‘Heaven’ within and literally drink up their temporal, scalar, sol energy. There are those who can receive the energy of sol, and those who mutate. The energy of this realm will become distasteful for those who cannot find it in themselves to respect the Most High (truth, knowledge, self awareness, compassion, healing and human mental liberation). Their ‘soi’l’ does not produce fruit. They want yours instead. They shaped this world through darkness for their own working. This world is their dirt, and it will not longer produce fruit for them.

13 thoughts on “Stolen Octaves

  1. Thank you for adding clarity. I very much appreciate the discernment on the phrase “soul trap”, and embrace change in this. My use of the phrase is evolved now too, since it may be misrepresenting meaning. All falling back to the elimination of light, the trap is their own, and a soul’s eternal choice.


  2. mi sono commosso…non so perche e’ il secondo tuo articolo che provo in questa emozione il primo fu come un fulmine parlava della moglie di Charlie Sheen.Aiutami a capire questa tecnologia nelle densita’.Ricorda Agosto: che devi parlarmi come un bambino ad un bambino ,e’ una tecnologia enorme, ci riguarda e ci tocca da vicino io non ho studiato in questa mente che mente…


  3. As to eating the light of others, I have just started to use a new word for definition of this, google Wetiko virus lol. I got this from a youtuber who pointed to an article ( but extrapolated it out to social media and pretty much every aspect of our world in that we are encouraged in this civilization to literally cannibalize each other constantly, and well THAT is our virus in a nutshell, one actually named by the Native Americans as a Wetiko spiritual virus though eventually one infected if not healed can become a “Wetiko” which is an embodiment of this “spirit.” If one looks at the fractal nature of reality, if one progresses indefinitely in being motivated by greed which is seen as the ground zero for cannibalizing others and what encourages the growth of the virus within . . . well they will eventually look no different than the “real” cannibals, those are just the apex of becoming completely infested embodiments of this disease. It is difficult because with our money systems and even societal norms the works there are elements of contagion at every turn and everyone at least prior to healing and coming into self awareness and truth is infected to a degree just by being here the conditioning even starts purposefully in childhood. But yeah, Wetiko is a great catchphrase for this even down to eating the light of others and the “cannibal” spirit which really at its basis is just greed and selfishness and well its full on manifestation takes very physical forms of the activity obviously. There are really only two fractal paths, you either want to give life or consume life, and there is no “life” when there is no truth for truth and life are really inseparable.

    As to devolving below even reptiles to insectoid . . . this is a real thing. Won’t get into the details, but had a friend cross with me into a 2D hell, our experiences were different, but what horrified him in this veil coming down in this degraded parallel is many “people” and though these were young people their faces were incredibly aged and old, so they looked like teenagers in their attire with the traces of age on their face akin to a Senior citizen. They also had what appeared to be insectoid limbs in the way they moved and walked they appeared a cross between a human and an insect. Anyways yeah there are lower realms of consciousness than reptile minds and it makes sense because the hive mind of sorts is an insect mentality so if one becomes part of the hive mind they basically invite their genetics to start mutating into insectoid strains of consciousness, not to mention the hive mind being Wetiko lol . . . if that doesn’t motivate one to seek and acquire self awareness I don’t know what could!

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    1. I also want to add another idea, for I heard from a source there are beings incarnated that were/are fully reptile that have used their time wisely and have actually evolved through the systems here to a more human if in fact the fully current human form! The gal who said this reiterated like yes you heard me right people I just said that . . . reptiles beings if they actually enter the constructs here can evolve too lol. I like that idea personally but I am one that wants to hold hope everyone has a path to evolve. One is either devolving or evolving it is each person’s choice. So one can look at the idea of another being with a “lower” perceived consciousness outside of the true human form here but they actually have the ability to evolve as well, though that doesn’t take place through stealing others genetics in holographic constructs, in fact the reptile/human hybrids that were created via mixing genetics are the worst apparently and often what we see here and what some would determine not capable of evolution and are basically monsters that can’t be reasoned with. One really has to wonder what our “forms” can look like outside of these current human bodies, for a person could look at a reptile being as beneath them but at the same time . . . do they in another dimension actually appear more like an insect than a human? Lol, it is possible. But I embrace the idea that one can make the choice to start evolving out of a devolution cycle at any point and if “time” is used wisely within the rules of the incarnation system here it is possible for even a fully reptile being to become a human being at the end of time, I personally would like to think that could be true, but I always like rooting for underdogs to accomplish the seemingly impossible so of course I like that idea :-)

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    2. Thank you Aug – I have been learning so much from you and all others who make comments like Brie. I really can’t thank you enough how much I’ve grown to be a better human – thank you with all my love


  4. I read these writings
    with so much inner focus
    learning to take in this information
    but also spread it like a lotus
    I feel the darkness
    but my light can overcome
    that urgency of despair
    and a guiding heart to become
    free from suffering
    free from trauma
    able to ignore
    all the fake drama
    We know what is important
    its the youth of this planet
    they will taught
    to right wrongs of bandits
    give us strength to protect our young
    show them a better way
    to sing this song that is sung.
    I AM optimistic of what we can do,
    I know it can be hard to contribute to,
    the noble deeds of a balanced heart
    knowing your love can be the defining start.
    ~ Sabrina C. Gale

    I feel like i am better at articulating my thoughts through poetry rather than writing a big long essay like mess that probably wouldnt make sense. thanks for your constant updates Aug they really bring me back to where i need to be. <3

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