Orot=blinding Light of Reason

The truth and peace comes from higher truth. No one makes it on their own. No one owns it, and if one does not have pure intentions in their heart, they will not receive the truth from the higher power above us all.

4 thoughts on “Orot=blinding Light of Reason

  1. Tutte le trappole sono per loro e tutte le opere apocalittiche sono i loro inganni, scacciati e proiettati su di te…e’ vero sembra un film orror


  2. i can see what she’s saying here, especially when applied to my life and people around me! Very much so! Everyone I know that try to be decent people in my family have had the mentality that people can change, there is good in there if we just look for it. My parents, siblings and now my daughters! i think I may have been the first to “wash my hands” of some and you know what? I look at all those and they all have the same characteristics! Mean, narcissistic, liars, very tricky, thieves!

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