1. An 11 minute video? But you say there are no aliens! Or by this do you mean, since we all are aliens that those outside of us, don’t exist? Please explain


    1. I think maybe the no alien thing is related to their are none in what is considered the 3D earth reality construct we now have? It is truly other humans that are responsible here. As far as the Greys, well this guy confirms what many others have said as to details, but they also only operate here in purely holographic constructs of sorts as far as I understand. Reptilian races the same. I had to laugh at Randi Green’s take on her direct confrontations with some of this stuff, where you all of the sudden have another clone in a chair in a base on a ship above or below lol and she has said she has to go in literally tear the hearts out of these beings to kill her clone and free herself from the theft of sorts . . . but it is all holographic realities so no one really “dies” or the Reptilian races are apparently notorious for creating holographic clones to have gang bangs with of sorts and having to go and get yourself out of a gang bang sex slave scenario and there are ways to “kill” the holographic entities in that moment of that current construct they are using but again nothing really dies in these holographic worlds they can easily be recreated. So something can be here . . . and not here at all at the same time. It can be happening and not happening at the same time, like Randi laughing at the gang bangs and apologizing that it really isn’t funny but it is just so over the top at some point one has to laugh and the ridiculousness of it all and the timeline manipulations that seem endless and the efforts to basically hunt down your energy body and genetics for their uses, and the “rules” as to what allow them to do that are ridiculous. Her for example won’t deal with helping certain people in certain areas anymore because just that allows them to clone her into the realities these people are hooked into as well and it just became too much work in maintaining her own clear space by helping others in certain areas of work. She has switched up as of now in thinking people should not in her opinion go back and try to recover memories from past life type experiences (granted if they come without trying that is another story) because it often is just allowing one to be pulled back into realities that are pretty much across the board not helpful to revisit and thinks just focusing on the now and the future as a priority is the best way to go or the way to progress with the least amount of interference which one wants to limit as much as possible.

      He does appear right as to why certain “aliens” are here, because they have no future, their DNA is degenerating and regressive, hence why taking our future via our genetics they hope to change their future. Though I don’t buy the story of the “alien Gods” really. Even in the ancient Egyptian texts the holographic reptiles that can appear like men that infiltrate society were not referred to as “Gods” they were viewed as a danger to beware of so it would seem strange to think they were worshipped in Egypt where they have texts that describe them and don’t confer divinity. It is a falsehood IMO when those ideas are pushed around, for even in Egypt their “Gods” were really amalgamations of the earth elements and considered more “forces” than actual beings understood through imagery and natural phenomena. And yes Egypt had technology obviously that was already here from Atlantis, but that doesn’t then equate something was built by a nonhuman and offworld entity. What I found interesting of some things Randi mentioned recently that track with my experience, was that Anu the king of the “Annunaki” gained traction in this Earth realm through a physical incarnation. His physical incarnation was Nimrod . . . this makes so much sense of things I experienced I won’t get into. And that he is now leaving here for numerous reasons but he had been working on another physical incarnation for some time, an incarnated more “super-human” in a way, that it is possible for some ET beings to engineer a holographic form that they are able to incarnate into eventually which in part of trying to keep the purity of certain bloodlines one can more easily engineer a physical incarnation. So one can even look at the real meaning of Annunaki in Sumerian which is actually better translated as “royalty” not the from heaven to earth came Sitchin deception in the sense that what we know of as “alien Gods” may very well have been human or the “men of renown” spoken of in the OT as offspring of this hybridization of basically ET and human genetics, which of course has created many hybridized beings but how they appear here in 3D will always appear human in way? Could be a possibility. The “veil” being removed really just allows one to enter another holographic reality and they are now bleeding together as well. But I find it interesting that the leader of Annunaki according to one source who has said things that validate my experience as well was actually seen here as Nimrod not in some “alien” form. Who knows just some thoughts, but it would make sense that in the case of Anu possible yeah he has been “here” but never as an “alien” form in this physical reality but an advanced and preengineered and manipulated human form hybrid birthed on earth.

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  2. Please tell Mr Harry Michael Sweeney that he is unauthorized via a firm No contact request from myself to forward your e-mails to me. I cannot block Mr Sweeney on my devices for some obvious hacking problems; so I am relying on you to prevent his forwarding of your e-mails to unauthorized contacts.

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