What you can’t yet believe


This is supposed to be a closed loop system. Before the fall people were immortal, that’s how human biology works. When they broke the barrier, everyone had to be organizing into a larger system that recreated an image of the first. They hid the fact that they were doing this for so long that the damage to this entire solar system is potentially irreversible. The point of nu return, the horizon line of the black hole system, was either achieved or expelled at this point in history. Each time we got sucked in on a loop again. We couldn’t tell why. The people who are willing to use corruption to rule over innocent life were triggering the loop and not telling anyone. If this was permitted to happen once again, that would’ve been the ELE. The truth is, most you are seeing is clones, because they are not allowed to exist on this place without rupturing space time. That is the true extent of crimes against humanity. So much corruption, they are no longer human and this universe is treating humans as a hostile force. What if the advanced terrors were all their doing? Simply, part of their game to destroy the universe and reset it for their own personal fun? Some will understand this, do not impress upon others because not everyone is human. Unless they had guns to their head, they would have done this over and over again until you were “zilobytes” so that they could party hard right before you all succumbed to their poisons. THAT’S the extent of what the f went on and it’s literally not even close. Those strange pictures of strange places and people are either the true place of nobility or the disgusting cloning center born fractal deviation of corruption, sex, manipulation and spiritual war of souls

Their offspring became parasitic tick spider demons in the next octave. Quite literally. Humanity in the future, has been battling for their lives, on multiple civilizations and worlds, all because of the rich and stinky here, who became monsters, as a result of their debauchery.

Research the SSPP

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