Loss of Emotional Stability (Just Blend Right In)

None of this is in angst, none of this is in anger. I guess I can’t believe they’re actually gonna tell the truth…and stop themselves from being put into cryo or an incinerator.

They cannot control their emotions.

They use fake spirituality as kindness as a means of dissociating you further.

IF they claim to be victims of some super mystical causal occurrence called ‘life’ instead of their lack of control and self awareness, they are the invaders.

They spent the previous age underground learning how to mimic humans.

They can only mimic, if you make up a dance, that’s how you greet people, which involves shaking your genitals in the streets and every human is wide eyed with the program, yet they happily dance around like that’s all of the sudden the thing to do…it doesn’t mean their genetics are awesomely vague and malleable. It means they don’t have a baseline consciousness to form true awareness and everything is an ‘opinion’ to them.

They have no ‘moral’ high ground. I thought this was a joke, and they were all going to snap out of it. Apparently, the way someone said it online is true, it takes many many years, life of hurting and trying to be human. To ‘try to be human’ (oh trying to be human, hurting yourselves and others to be human, oh, I get it, ‘c’mon guys let’s all hurt ourselves and each other, that’s what the humans do!, they were hijacked by the way, not trained according to their bloodline and lineage, stolen by a corrupt line and infected), costs so much from one that you can’t put a price on it.

Being human is the most painfully rewarding experience anyone can muster. No trade off in the universe could change that. It doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars, if you have ten trillion years to live or the power of an entire society. That’s not human and the more you mess with those systems, the less human people became.

They came back from years of pillaging and raping and wiped their minds and just tried to blend right int.

Fuck that.

How they feel in the moment triumphs the life of anyone else around them and the entire world. They would sacrifice the entire world, just so that their opinion can be the last one in existence.

Because they were from the void, their emotional context is in front of their intellectual context. They should be in a realm where time just began and they have higher emotional context than intellectual. AKA their forebrain is smaller than their hind brain.

What you’re seeing now is the ‘collapse’ of the ‘fake world’. Their higher thoughts are manufactured by a device and a generation system. They are, in essence, actor humans, just staying along as long as they can get a free ride.

IF they have to work for what they have, as if that’s how things some how operate in this real, they’ll throw temper tantrums that are monumentally more exhausting than simply doing the work. Thus, their message, their die hard strategy, is to do all the work, destroying the flow of things, so that they don’t have to do any work.

Not so humans can be mentally liberated. No, so they can get out of this hell hole.

This hell hole is the cacophony of adults, real humans, and awakened men and woman, who can take their emotions in stride and coexist in a world without having to go to war, to kill the innocent, or to shut out entire realms of existence so that opinions are nice and quaint.

It’s a program designed underground, to try and subvert the population. These are not aliens, they are drones designed by the previous rulers. They were in power long enough for these drones to go from what they were, to what they are now.

They have no idea how to turn them off and more or less require assistance from others who do not have to destroy the entire planet, over and over again, just to make do.

Before the last cycle, there were no drones like these and everyone was a human, although not everyone was ‘fully’ functional. Everyone (primarily) was human.

In that time, new continents have been formed, new populations and genetic lineages, and new constructs that were designed as part of this society.

That was the fall, a few short years ago. There were reasonble numbers and reasonable media. Everything was normal. The previous cycle took place and those who you see now, they took power and tried to kill off everyone else.

We were deep underground, humanity, for much longer than a few years. The planet was not ‘better’ before this cycle, this place was the place you dream of in your childhood. That was less than a lifetime ago.

We were put into safe keeping and humanity has just been awakened.

Humanity is the ‘sleeping giant’.

They hate babies because they don’t understand how no one kills them because they just scream and obviously aren’t good humans and can do no work for them.

They use emotions as a means to break down others to get what they want.

They view the humanized form as a weapon to use against the population. This is the ticket that gets them in, complaining and victimhood is the act that gets the goods.

In short, if you let them root in your population, they will never leave, they will embed themselves as dark spirits, and then they will replace your lineage. They require supercomputers to operate their intelligence and will degrade into screaming, whimpering, assaulting negativity monsters without the mitigation system.

All of this was years in the making and it was to take over your life and mind without anyone else ever knowing.

They planned to use the clones and drones to live as you, forever, with a world of ‘stock’ clones and genetics to pull from.

They are sterile and cannot make ‘love’ as there is no heart chakra, it is a device that pulls energy rather than creates it. This was discovered in the underground bases.

They are literally droning, energy absorbing, intelligence limiting, parasitic agents of a fallen life system, trying to reinsert themselves into the population.

These are those of the ‘fallen’ place, with all the cool tech. That world coming out on youtube is their final attempt. Anyone touching that information in a way that opens up volitility of temporal instability will be ‘stemmed’. They would be cloned in a previous time and left here while their mind was rearranged so they no longer pumped out temporally destabilizing information because some rich guy paid to have their silly little greedy minds hacked so they find stupid shit on the internet and try to make a living off of it.

Instead, they going to a server that will manage their consciousness until the end of time, because permitting anyone to disrupt the timeline again, would destroy everything. Literally, there is no past, it’s just a ball of fire now.

Since they hate children, because they can’t understand why they get to scream and shit their pants and they get free food, yet when they scream and shit their pants they go to jail. So, given free time with a baby, with no one watching, their anger rises continually, and we watch them rip the baby limb from limb.

They inserted themselves into time and tried to operate through the past as a proxy. They invented rituals so that you accepted it was a ‘religion’ of sorts.

Everything is made up to trick you into some form of accepting debauchery as a way of life.

They are parasites. Once they change the rules, everyone who permitted it can be automatically removed by a very advanced system. That’s the whole point. They have no power, however they were using advanced tech that has enough power to wipe the planet many times over. This is what they did.

4 thoughts on “Loss of Emotional Stability (Just Blend Right In)

  1. Will you FOR ONCE simply say what/who you’re referring to, just for those of us that have been reading your every word for a couple of years and WANT TO LEARN damnit! JUST CLARIFY WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT IN EACH POST AUG FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Please stop saying “they” and “it”, just SAY who they and it ARE!!!! You’re making understanding difficult….is that intentional??? I just simply want to know what the fuck you’re talking about when you post something… sorry.


  2. I’ve questioned and doubted for too long on this. Between the paranormal, abuse, the support, the good/bad – It’s a mockery of heaven and hell. And have 4 years of examples so all can see how they try and “fit in”. Stay tuned.

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