Save Humanity

It’s a system set up to play on your insecurities. If you stop to listen and decide to banter with the corruption and idiocy, it will use up all your energy. Life is like a continuous fractal fan blade timespace printer. The total banter disables higher awareness above. Every system has been weaponized. That is how deep this goes. They did this to program everyone’s subconscious to never forget victimhood. They did THAT to program the next life. Not reincarnation, literally the rest of life in existence. Call it the Most High, call it Truth, Heaven, the One. They wanted to corrupt the totality of existence to make their rule permanent. They did this through corrupting DNA. Everyone on this planet has a virus that was released decades ago and has infected all life. The previous 200 years could’ve been closer to 2000. Everything was rewritten. PLEASE LISTEN

2 thoughts on “Save Humanity

  1. Those issues need to be said. Thanks, mate.

    It seems like most people just don´t know they are human, or a living being at all.
    Sometimes it´s really frustrating to see that.
    It´s like the system´s scheme is engraved right into their soul.

    But I´ll never stop hoping. :)

    Keep it up!


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