4 thoughts on “GameAC

  1. “stay united, not divided”. WHAT an illusion, WHAT a joke, WHAT a “trick”… As if there were anything BUT division ie ‘splitted minds’ on this planet. This the THE PROBLEM! Unity-consciousness doesn’t exist here – its not properly installed in these humanoids of earth. Running on malware. Its VERY obvious that they don’t understand the concept of equity/unity/mutuality. W(o/a)rshippers is what they are. They feel a need to put themselves under something else. Its a disease. Call it the GOD-disease, the Q-disease… Promoting politicians and military “defense”. Its beyond an embarrassment. Its PIiiiiiiiiiNLiGT in DAN-ish. ANDNA. *T*


    1. indeed.. What exactly have they been united in, to stay that way as a goal ? Hmmmm…… No harmony has been brought into a disharmony from the same level of consciousness, or a lower one less so, that brought about the disharmony…. stay united in that level of awareness ? ignore decades and centuries of disharmonious and narcissistic conduct ? Hmmmm…. Curiouser and curiouser this Q question of the invitation, yup more Budwiser, sofa and the sitcoms, football etc…. Hahahahaaha, keep it if that is your desire Q and little q’s, off to walk on the beach at dawn…

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