EMF Pollution

By Dr. Jack Kruse

“Check off another prediction. What is killing the chef is the same thing doing us in…….Blue light, shift work, and nnEMF. Justin was a celebrity chef and married to my wife’s school friend. Hurts that little bit more when you see unnecessary deaths occur so close to home.
Most chefs work at night under blue light. They work inside an AC power grid that supplies power there blenders/grinders that emit high magnetic fields, microwave ovens and bath under blue light till late at night. Many stay around for “staffies” masking their undiagnosed ‘pain’ with alcohol and drugs until the wee hours of the morning. When they rise late in the day they always wear sunglasses blocking their eyes from the sun for decades in Justin’s case.
Non-native EMFs ruin your sleep and hormones and cause mental illness folks. In a 5G IoT world you must choose your career much more carefully. https://www.news.com.au/…/…/b5faa40188374d4923912cf8cf58059c

Dr. Jack Kruse

2 thoughts on “EMF Pollution

  1. This chef was 46 years old. This is a very popular age to be ritually sacrificed. Just go back and see if this is not correct with other “suicides” or “accidental deaths” due to drugs, etc.


  2. It’s impossible to be free of WiFi and LiFi. And really interesting to imagine how this realm will be transmuted anew once the shift happens. De-antennaing ourselves, using helps like organite, shungite, shielding, being as Luddite in life as possible… But it comes back to intention and faith that the way through this is what we are making daily. Because the IoT of everything and one is here and it’s a beast.
    One thing stands out: masking pain, self-medicating, all falls under addiction category, which is acidic on the neuro level and digs the self-killing cycles down deeper. We ~have to feel; there’s a reason fire burns. We must all disengage from the system now and at once.


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