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  1. At 03:18:43 in the discussion Alex Jones says: “By the time I was, like, three years old [1977] I would have this dream that God has, ‘cause God knows everything; [God] is this super-intelligent, omnipresent, [of] unlimited dimensions. But God doesn’t know where God came from. So just like we’re trying to find out where we came from, God is like a virtual reality simulation as well, and God is constantly running every program, every operation, turning evil loose, good loose, everything. So, I would have these dreams…earliest memories—2-3 years old—where I would fly out to the edge of infinity, and it was a continual message: ‘Find out where we came from, find out what it is.’ And it would just be this big giant spinning black vortex like a black hole and then I would have to go into that, trying to figure out what was going on, and it was the same thing, and so it’s this incredible frustration.”

    Are you aware of Alex Jones’ participation in any of the programs you talk about having participated in to explore the nature of reality/the simulation?


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