The Perfect Equilibrium (Middle Ground)

They created multiple versions of time with each reset. This created a spiders nest of timelines that have yet to ‘fall’ into our perception.

A consciousness diffusion grid was set up to mitigate the fall.

This was called “the matrix”. Human bodies are kept in containment systems. Each consciousness must be lined up with the next few thousand years of projected experience.

Each stream is filtered through a system designe to organize every possible projection streaming forward from the temporal rift.

Bodies are kept in suspension on the lower levels and moved up through the projected realms through correspondence with the lower and above level.

Each one is more intense as the ‘tsunami’ of emotions and memories grows.

The solution was to change the angle of attitude of the geometry of Earth. By turning perpendicular, at an abstraction to the realm, we ‘dodge’ every incoming stream by everything that we don’t cancel out.

This lasted for some time.

That too then became the way we operated through time.

Ultimately, we were burying ourselves.

Earth is at the bottom of a thousand year temporal rift.

By spinning the frequency, we moved to the top, by not having proper sustainability, we were destined to fall again and again.

The truth is that it’s all perception. By splitting the species, some in time and some out, everything that hits what should be a ‘sol’ system away in frequencies, is hitting like tidal waves.

When one side goes off on the temporal orbit, they subject that to the other side.

There were people doing this over and over again, ‘running’ from the dark, chasing their tail and literally spin cycling the entire universe like hilariously knocking over a civilization “containment” system in the movie ‘MIB’. Not funny when our children’s children’s children’s children are on the line and we didn’t even get a chance to sing before it hit for us.

By staying in the middle, there is equilibrium.

The eneriges are the density of the universe, in the emotional, psychic, mental, and temporal bodies. Separated out.

By choosing to hold a grudge, this energy forms out of possible realities and comes back to us many fold.

By letting the hate go, we are capable of ‘rising above’ that densest energy level and thus, it’s like someone who can move ‘through’ the wave instead of being tossed around by it.

Our civilization is becoming that and the goal was to make sure everyone was dense enough and low enough for total annihilation.

This was a game to them, be sure. Everything has been recorded, everything has been stopped but the middle ground must be made.

The middle is not when we shrink down and shut up. Those energies come like tidal waves and I know you know them.

They don’t exist but by perceptual lensing effect of the mind.

When we stretch the middle ground out to the ends of the Earth? Those energies are like the waves that carry information to and from across the universe and they reflect what we are doing.

The middle ground must be expanded to the world so that we can all mitigate the energies. The energies are then smiles and laughs, small personal misunderstandings, honest business competition (not economic terrorism or family feuds).

I shit you not, that is what the energies are condensed and diffused into on the higher level, everything is reasonable.

When we close off and continue to set ourselves up, those temporal waves will align and attach to that very intention.

Do not hold on to each side of the pendulum and do not attach to what you see! That is when the weight of the unvierse is felt pulling that information from your hands and then replacing it with something foreign.

It is our conscious mind that became the pendulum, however, we were always above that.

We still are, clear communication solves this. No more games, only truth, knowledge, free will, self awareness, compassion for the mental liberation of humanity.

Each side went through it so that it was mitigated enough to give us understanding.

Each power level of emotion goes up magnified exponentially. What you expect is what you get. Everyone clear your mind and feel at ease and ready to learn and love about one another, then that is what happens, regardless.

We must start now. The power level increase will cause mutations and that’s the whole point.

Everything can be re aligned through intentions. Re align your intentions and find your power through that.

One thought on “The Perfect Equilibrium (Middle Ground)

  1. Hi Aug,

    I’m presently watching your Healing Aug Live Stream October 26 2020. Thank you so much for these live streams in which you provide so much deep reflecting thoughts/ words and wisdom. Much, much gratitude from the heart.

    On your live stream you mention some difficulty with accessing your account. If this is correct, I wish to provide you this email in case you maintain emails (or have lost emails) from your previous accounts or are restructuring your platforms.

    Youtube is no longer sending me notifications directly to my email. So I’m not always able to catch your live streams live.

    In case you get this email. THANK YOU.




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