It’s a LIL EVIL, Something to See Quick

You don’t have to believe it.

2 thoughts on “It’s a LIL EVIL, Something to See Quick

  1. Thank you AT… Led me to look this guy up. Great artist!

    Check out his ATONEMENT video:

    On the path to ascension, I’m locked to chakras connections.
    You can travel dimensions through astral projections.
    Purify your water to have is a blessing. And detoxify your body by fasting and cleansing.
    Exercise will help you, try practicing stretching.
    Of that you’ve ingested pores or your glands when you’re sweating.
    So choose the food that you consume through natural selection.
    And channel your energy to enhance your perceptions.
    See that prevents cancer from spreading.
    NO antidepressants stops anger aggression sadness or tension – relaxing’s the method.
    Elevation by meditated minds – the expansion is endless.
    To those asking the questions, most answers are guessing.
    The truth about reality is that is subjective.
    Some can’t comprehend to plan their direction.
    Leave the future in the past and get back to the present.


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