Relaxing Audio Visual

You can play these both together, while muting the slide show video to have a calming audio visual experience while you wade.

The relaxing piano video is a ‘live’ video so this may change or be removed.

This is video that combines the two already.

Please calm yourself for what is happening.

One thought on “Relaxing Audio Visual

  1. Engage in this consciously, with intention to heal. Do this everyday. Consciously. Daily. Several times mix it up, sound, light, breathe, nature. Fill the mercaba with higher vibration that is HARMONIC. This Is a flushing out of lower vibrating thoughts, beliefs, transmissions, implants, etc. We have to be the ones to DO this away from the distractions if 4d. Thank you Aug for accepting some peace as a healer for yourself and others…. Blessings.

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