SSP Disclosure, Collective Psychic Trauma Wall

Thoughts must be interacted with through mind. Thoughts are potential access points.

The thoughts of the collective are like programs in reality, grooves that are deeper the more go across them.

If one is to make it beyond this reality, then they must travel beyond those deepest grooves which have been made by others.

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They were intentionally made to harm using derogatory programming that is the mind patterns of everyone coming before them.

The wealthiest people were first and this was to procure children for ritual abuse. Thus, the most common and deepest grooves in our reality fence are the mental patterns of abuse and violence, lust and thirst for blood.

As a result, the likelihood of one passing through these fields alive is equal to the likely hood of passing through a ritual abuse program. They are one in the same.

Those who abused themselves and each other to push ahead generated a multi generation cascade of psychic miasma that traveled through the gradient to Earth.

This is the ‘lessening’ of the incoming energies. It is the psychic energy of the wars that were fought over the souls of humanity.

The idea here is not that this is bad stuff and bad people gotta be handled. They wrote this psychic destructive energy literally into the shell of the plasma membrane of the collective memory of Earth.

It is our memory and if we are not prepared, then that is the barrier that stops those who ignored this, from getting out.

The only way out is through the surpassing of a scenario of abuse and choosing the higher path.

The only time this is possible is when the conditions that match the scenarios being presented match the scenarios that were used to create the psychic trauma barrier in the first place.

Because of the abuse. You have to be able to survive every form of ritual abuse that plagued this planet in order to know the depth of what has happened.

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