Wade Out

Dont’ play the game, sit and wait, don’t leave your space, he takes the body. The hallucinatory illusion gets you out of the body and quantum time swaps your soul from every point in the universe to all of time. Feel the rivets of pain as your body reforms, as your time is healed. Allow it to be and take the ego loss, take the mistakes you made in stride and no you’ll do better again and again in time.

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They made a plan to convince your soul to fuck off with shocks of electromagnetic death and then to put the soul in a containment field. Then, living your body, without the soul they wreak havoc, racking up as many death points as possible, which all go into your soul and kill you in time (eternity).

That was the plan with the stolen advanced technology. People from this end listened to false leaders and as a result, we were trapped in an underworld system and they had to convince us it was just bad dreams to keep the world turning.

They are signals being beamed out to catch people’s souls. They are only at a certain frequency and so you must raise your continuous, standing, automatic, hard learned, soul remembered, consciousness, emotive frequency base, to automatically restrict motion in one direction and move in the intended direction no matter what.

This doesn’t mean that you must move in the opposite direction, but that you do NOT move unless YOU are guiding yourself through COMPASSion.

If you move under EGO, that is the FALSE and he will take you into darkness. THE TRUTH will take you into true life.

The world we’ve been returning to is only here because we were killed in a spiritual battle between false leders in this world and false leaders in the next. All because they convinced the inner sun to stop shining and so the heart of the higher mind. Keep heaven in heaven, hell in hell and ice where it’s needed. They put up so much resistance to human ingenuity, that we are frozen on the other side of life, in a place called ‘Hell” ran by those who operated the scheme on this side. Ego is false.

As a result of this process, your non willingness, generates an air of distrust and this means everything that happens here must be undone. This is hell, time reversal hell, because the outdated system pointed the whole planet in the wrong direction.

They were not trying to help. They formed an unruly alliance with the dark. They did not do this to get humanity to safety. They did this to lock humanity in forever.

They would meet in the ‘holy of holies’ in your DNA and discuss how to further control you out of time, in your mind. Every flashing second they are sending the recorded brainwaves from that artificial out of body experience trying to mutate your DNA to be ‘bottom heavy’ so that you literally turn around in time.

Note, if we have a man made wall. We don’t need the ice wall and that horrific situation can be healed.

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